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Played 2 player and beat it in 42 minutes.

Pretty fun and hard map. Most of the weapons are quite weak, but the shotguns and snipers perform quite well in the 20s. You really have to know how to guide the zombies and run circles quite well to beat this. Camping probably wouldnt work too well because of the weapons.

I had 3 downs and my friend survived with no downs at the ending. I wasnt able to buy strength or more than 2 perks but we were able to beat it.

Wow congratulations! I hope you enjoyed it enough to play again. One of the really cool aspects of the map is that it will never be the same game. So every time you will see different guns and have to deal with different rooms etc. I remember from all my testing that I would go through 20-30 games and I still wouldn't see everything. But glad you liked it and were able to beat it! :)
2202 days ago
I am a fan of your work and I can honestly say you delivered something new and fresh with this map :) I remembered starting bank job for the first time and I thought it was good for you being a first time mapper, I still couldn't beat it to this day though :lol: This map is fun and with the randomized rooms it is always something new to explore. I still need to get to jug though  :accepted: Overall this was way better than your Bank Job map and you have raised the bar for yourself. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us with your third map. ;)

Level of detail 7/10- some rooms felt a tad empty but some of the architect was pretty cool.
Fun Factor 9/10- The ever changing rooms keep things fresh and fun and the same time.
Custom content 8/10- The classic Black Ops weapons were nice and the "variants" of them (stoner extended mags, stakeout extra ammo, etc.) were nice also and the custom "perk" was nice to have and certainly helped the high rounders.
Replayability 8/10- The ever changing rooms are nice and the random starting pistols are a good edition.

Overall 32/40 Pretty good :) Keep the fun coming my friend.

Wow I really appreciate all of the feedback and compliments! It means a ton! I know this map may not be crazy detailed but my main focus is always gameplay and I'm glad you really liked it. :)
2203 days ago
10/10 for originality, 8/10 for map design (bit small IMO), 9/10 for weapons (no PaP).

I really appreciate the compliments!

Definitely one of the best maps I've played in a long while.

Actually, it's also one of the only maps I've played in a long while where I felt compelled to make it to Round 30.

It just felt very compelling and immersive, like I wanted to play the map just to find out more about it instead of playing the map just to try out the guns.

With this in mind, some constructive criticism for future updates:

-- The map felt inherently creepy and unwelcoming, but never capitalized on this. Adding "spookier" textures, grittier environments and noises, and surprise rooms that exist just to give some scares would improve the map 200%

-- I like the idea of brush only for this map, but some of the textures used need to be looked at

-- It would be nice if the Round 30 door unlocked a surprise room rather than an ending

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately I am not a graphics designer so I tried my best. Personally I don't like spooky or scary maps so I wanted to give this map a brighter more lively feel instead of the dark and scary atmosphere that is common with zombies. I am glad that you enjoyed it and had fun. I see that I was successful at making a different zombie experience which means a ton!
2204 days ago
Finally released it, eh? I just played it, and you did an awesome job!  :gusta:

Thank you very much! That means a lot!
2204 days ago
.5x damage would halve the damage but would I be correct in saying it is 1.5x damage?

Well since you can buy it several times it is +.5x each. So it goes 1x then 1.5x then 2x then 2.5 times etc. It stacks.

Nice map man, it's probably one of the best "Box Maps" I've played yet! One thing that annoyed me a bit was the hit indicator, even though I had 200 HP it made me feel like I was always one hit away from dying. And maybe a PaP would be useful for reaching Round 30? It does get a bit tedious risking box pulls in the middle of rounds and getting the same weapons during the later rounds.

But it's still a pretty awesome map, the changing rooms every round was a very nice feature, made me anxious in case I was put into a room with no Jug/DT 2.0 haha

Technically a house is a giant box, but I like to think of this as much more than a mere "box map". :p And because I implemented a lot of features that are new, many of them take some getting used to. And because the map changes completely randomly there will be sometimes when you will be not as lucky as other times.

Why did you remove gibbing and not put a Pack a Punch? I don't consider those a feature, more a con tbh.

I feel it could of been done better with the use of Xmodels, more appropriate textures and better lighting, and a few extra rooms.

This map is intended to be super fast paced. When you turn a zombie into a crawler it slows down the map and doesn't keep the flow going. And even though there is no Pack a Punch, the new Strength perk basically replaces it. Pack a Punch only effects one gun where Strength effects everything you do: all guns, knife, grenades etc. Strength also stacks. I feel that Strength is actually an improvement for this map instead of the standard Pack a Punch. Thanks for your comments about the models. The look of this map was a design choice of mine and I like how it turned out. True it does look different than most other maps, but that was the goal.
2204 days ago
I wonder why you dont use models instead of brush(chairs,table,etc), also nice map  :)
are there any models?

Everyone has seen the same old World War II models. I wanted to give this map a more modern look and a bit different than what we are all used to. So I decided to do the entire map with brushes.
2204 days ago
Thanks again for all of the amazing support on Bank Job. I have spent a ton of time on my second map which I have just released. Go check it out!
2204 days ago
It's Alive
By: Rustyandme

MediaFire Download v1.0
Mega Download v1.0

You find yourself locked in a model home overrun with zombies. But that isn't the weirdest part. The house is changing around you. How long can you survive in ...  It's Alive?

Get ready for a map unlike any other. The goal is the same -- to survive, but the journey will be very different. This map took hundreds upon hundreds of hours to develop. It will give you a run for your money.

--Credits included in parenthesis below--
House that changes every round
Black Ops Weapons (Rorke) - Every weapon has been modified
New Perk: Strength - You can buy this from the poster many times. Each time it increases your total damage by .5x. You only lose your strength when you die, not when you get downed.
Shareable box - If you don't take your box weapon, when the lightning appears, anyone can take it
Fully-functional Double Tap 2.0
Self Revive in solo (UGX style)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

... plus countless fixes to make the game function how you would expect

Thanks to all my beta testers. And special thanks to the following people who went above and beyond and gave me detailed feedback: ATOMICANT2000, mymomiscool, Jordin W, TRF Coast

Known bugs: If the map fails to load or you see a texture appear as white, close CoD and reload the map. Sometimes World at War fails loading part of the map.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

If your computer says that the download might be malicious feel free to check out this batch of online virus scans of the download:
2204 days ago
if you look at some of the texture names, some are post fixed with "_no_scorch"

Dunno if that will help ya
I wanted the scorch to be removed on all surfaces so that may work but wasn't what I was looking for.

impactType\none\ in weaponfile will fix it.
I tried that, but the sounds and the explosion fx are all linked to the impact type. So when you set the impactType to none then the grenade is essentially a ghost. It still damages like a grenade but it there is no indication of it existing.

All in all I finally figured out how to solve the problem. I made a tutorial for how to do it here:
2205 days ago
If you are looking to completely remove the marks that your grenades make on your map, this is the tutorial for you.

Note: This tutorial modifies the default_explosion.efx file. This may effect rocket launchers or something else in your map that uses this same effect. It won't cause them not to work, but it will also remove the marks that those weapons make on the surfaces also.

Lets begin.

1) Open up your grenade file (stielhandgranate) in a text editor (such as Notepad++). Search for impactType and change the word after it to be none. That part will now look like
Now search for projExplosionEffect add "explosions/default_explosion" after the backslash. This part should now look like
And finally search for projExplosionSound and add "shell_explode_default" after the backslash. This part should now look like
Now save the grenade file and close it.

2) Now open Effects Editor from the Launcher.
Click File>Open and then open the explosion that you used in the first step. For this tutorial I am using "default_explosion". So open up the file in raw>fx>explosions>default_explosion.efx
On the list at the bottom of the window, select the one named decal and then click Edit>Delete.
If you would like to modify the effect in any way you can do that here also.
Now save the effect and close Effects Editor.

3) Open the soundaliases folder in the raw folder. Create a new file named grenade_explosion.csv. Open this file in a text editor and paste the code below into the file.
name,platform,file,sequence,vol_min,vol_max,dist_min,dist_max,limit_count,limit_type,entity_limit_count,entity_limit_type,bus,volume_min_falloff_curve,volumefalloffcurve,reverb_send,dist_reverb_max,reverb_min_falloff_curve,reverb_falloff_curve,pitch_min,pitch_max,randomize_type,spatialized,type,probability,loop,masterslave,loadspec,subtitle,compression,secondaryaliasname,chainaliasname,startdelay,speakermap,lfe percentage,center percentage,envelop_min,envelop_max,envelop percentage,occlusion_level,occlusion_wet_dry,real_delay,distance_lpf,move_type,move_time,min_priority,max_priority,min_priority_threshold,max_priority_threshold,doppler,isbig
Now you can save and close this file.

4) Go back to Launcher and open the Mod Builder tab. Paste the code below into the mod.csv box.

5) You are done! Just rebuild your mod and you should be good to go. You will no longer have any marks on your map from the grenade explosions.

Unfortunately there are so many different problems that can cause this tutorial not to work or behave differently than it did for me. I probably won't be able to help everyone but hopefully this led you in the right direction.

As I was trying to figure out how to do this myself I learned a lot of random things that I couldn't find explanations for. So below I'm going to put a few random things that I learned while doing this. It may help someone.
-The impactType of the grenade not only dictates the impact but also the explosion effect and the sounds to go along with it. If you just set impactType to none then your grenade will still work but everything about it will be completely invisible.
-I don't know if this is just with me, but the UGX WeaponsEditor++ wouldn't save the grenade file for me. And when it did look like it saved, I would open it back up and it would be the same as when I started.
-If you are making a custom texture you can set it to have noMarks in the Asset Manager but when I did that, 1/100 times that I would load the map that texture wouldn't load and appear white. noMarks did successfully make the grenades not make marks, but it had the side effect of sometimes not loading the texture.
2205 days ago
I've been trying to make the grenades in my map not leave any impacts or residue on the surfaces of my map. This includes the circle scorch at the point of impact and the dark burn marks that are sometimes left on walls. I can't find the files or any code associated with this and I have tried all sorts of work arounds to accomplish this but none have worked. If anyone can tell me how to make the grenades not leave any marks that would be super helpful!

Thank you in advance!
2206 days ago
Well the WaW textures never fail to load. But the custom ones sometimes do. Isn't there a way to load or cache the custom textures the same way the original textures are done?
2234 days ago
I have a map and I am using 30+ custom textures. They work perfectly fine 99% of the time but occasionally when I load the map one of the textures will fail to load for some reason. Then it will just appear white in the game. It's not that I compiled it wrong or anything because all I need to do is restart the game and when it reloads, it is fixed.

Does anyone know why textures sometimes don't load? How can I fix this so that the problem doesn't happen in the first place?

Thank you.
2234 days ago
In the beginning I had thought that Bank Job would be my only map. But you all will be excited to hear that I have a new map that I have been working on nonstop for over a month now. It will have features that no one has ever seen before in custom zombies. I can't wait to share it with all of you. Awesome things to come! Thank you all for your support!
2277 days ago
Check out my video for this map :)

Double Post Merge: March 07, 2015, 09:18:42 pm
I have a video of this map on my channel check it out

I watched those videos. It looks like the audio and video is really out of sync.
2294 days ago


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