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So would that mean I won't be able to get bo perks in my map?  :poker:
1478 days ago
So, would that mean I cannot get the perks in my game? Or should I wait and see if he ever comes back?  :'(
1483 days ago

I got a quick question. When I try to go to the page of harryb021's perks I get the message:

403 - access forbidden  :please:

Any help?
1484 days ago
I am pretty sure I did this step like intended. Can it be that it is at a wrong line number, or do the .GSC and the .ATR need to be in specific folders? I currenly have all of them in my mods/mapname/maps . I can make / post screenshots if needed because I would really love to get this working.

1487 days ago
yeah i'd recommend using Harry's perks since i havny updated this perk system and was buggy AF when i released it also how did you get the files thought i removed all dl links

I got them from this page:,9730.msg109081.html#msg109081 But then I'll try harry's perks and hope I don't get an error again. Thanks for replying tho  :)
1487 days ago

I'm pretty new at scripting and I would love to have the panzers in my map, but when running the game I get a server script compile error:

If anyone could help me with fixing this error, I would be really thankfull. And is there / will there be a video tutorial of installing this?

1491 days ago
Hey everyone,

I have been trying to get bo perks in my map for rhe past few weeks, but I keep getting errors. A few days ago I tried the perk system made by wardogsk93, but this one also is giving me errors :S .  The error I am currently getting is:

Server script compile error
   animation 'pb_stand_alert' not defined in anim tree
   self SetAnim(%pb_stand_alert);

Does anyone know how I can fix this OR can link me to an up-to-date video tutorial that would be amazing.

1491 days ago

I am still pretty new to mapping / scripting, and I really want to have bo1 perks in my maps. I have followed the bo1 perks tutorial by bamskater33 2 times now, and I keep getting the same script runtime error: "unknown item 'zombie_perk_bottle_deadshot'. Can anyone help me fix this?


A noob  :derp:
1513 days ago


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