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Just like the title says, I am curious about what way you guys get inspiration for  a map. Like a website with cool pictures, etc.
1362 days ago
Is it possible to unsibscribe from bo3 so these posts do not pop up in the "Show unread posts since last visit" page?
1364 days ago
Is it possible to customize the sun settings? Or do you have to use the "pre defined" sun settings per skybox? (

My friend once tried changing the settings and as a result, he couldnt open his map in radiant anymore and got some errors, is this just a one time thing or is it just not pissible to tweak the sun to your liking?


1379 days ago
I have been doing some stuff in radiant for a while and finally started on a real map that I want to make from start till finish. This is my first map aso any help is welcome, and making it won't go that fast, because I'm currently very busy with school, and my pc keeps breaking wich can take up to a few days / weeks for it to fix.

The story

There is not much of a backstory, but right now your goal is too find a way to get inside of the bunker, and try to make contact with civilization to get rescued.

The map

My goal is to make a challenging, but fun to play map. So the map will have some tight spots, wich can be really deadly combined with the panzersoldat from bluntstuffy. I would like to have some kind of easter egg in it, but I'm unsure of what kind of EE it will be (poll).

Like I said this is my first ever real map, so any help is really appreciated and will (if possible) be changed/added as soon as possible.

*Will be made soon*


update 6-1-2017
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1379 days ago
Is it possible to increase the view distance for radiant? I am really getting annoyed by parts of my map not being visible when I'm only like 10m away from it...  :-\
1380 days ago
Hey Guys,

I got a new pc and re-installed modtools, but now when try to open radiant, I get a new window that wasnts me to open a .prj. There is only one .prj file there called codwaw.pjr, and selecting that doesn't work either. Any help is appreciated, I really want to start on my new map.


I don't know why but after trying to open it like 20 times it opened.
1422 days ago
Hey guys,

I recently got a new pc and I finally had some time to install WaW and modtools again. But when I tried to use the modbuilder for a setup map to test if everything was working, I got the error: UNRECOVERABLE ERROR: Couldn't load file 'mp/playeranimtypes.txt'. Any help?
1426 days ago
Hey guys,

what would be the best way to make zombies climb a high wall? (screenshot included to show what wall I mean)

I tried using the negotiation nodes from the windoes, but when using those they go through the wall instead of over it. If anyone got any ideas, that would be really appreciated.
1441 days ago

Since I use UGX MOD (v1.1) I cannot follow any scripting tutorials, because when I edit a script, and close it, I get an error telling me I don't have permission. Dragging the file out of the IWD and then back into it also doesn't work, because I cannot move it back into the IWD without getting the same error :S

Does anyone know how I can fix this?
1445 days ago
Hey guys,

I tried doing the tutorial for changing the menu music from, but after doing all the steps I got a error 20559 message. After this I tried to manually replace the menu_music that has been added by ugx mod v1.1, but I cant change ut,

Any help?  :poker:
1461 days ago
Hey everyone,

I started working on my first real map, and it will be taking place in some kind of lab. Because all the walls and de floors are concrete, I don't want the zombies to crawl out of the ground. And to maintain the feel of a real lab, I would like the zombies to "teleport" into my zones. Would this be possible and how would I do this?

1461 days ago
Hey guys,

I have been doing a lot of zombie mapping/modding and I was wondering if there were any contests planned this year. Love playing the maps of the last contest and would love to be able to participate in one myself.
1466 days ago
Hey guys,

I downloaded UGX-MOD version 1.1 today and I tried it out. Made a small box map and checked out the new gamemodes etc, but I would like to be able to customize more of the new weapons etc. Like what is in the box and what is not, weapon damage etc. But I have no idea where I can change stuff because none of the new files in my mods folder are changeable.

Anyone know some good UGX-MOD v1.1 tutorials?

Double Post Merge: September 17, 2016, 09:24:12 pm
Also, perk machines I place cannot be used, same as the random box.

Double Post Merge: September 17, 2016, 09:45:15 pm
edit 2. Perks do work after placing power. Random box still not and start button only shows up when launching map via console  :please:
1467 days ago
Hye guys,

very silly question but I finally got some time to play around with mod tools, and I wanted to try out the UGX-MOD v1.0.4 option. I created a new map and everything, but I have no idea where I can find and customize the settings. Can someone help me get started with this?  :please:


Double Post Merge: September 17, 2016, 07:12:15 pm
Ì tried compiling and launching, and also got an "exeeded 400 fx assets" error  :poker:

Any help would really be appreciated
1467 days ago
Hey everyone,

I have been trying to get bo perks in my map for rhe past few weeks, but I keep getting errors. A few days ago I tried the perk system made by wardogsk93, but this one also is giving me errors :S .  The error I am currently getting is:

Server script compile error
   animation 'pb_stand_alert' not defined in anim tree
   self SetAnim(%pb_stand_alert);

Does anyone know how I can fix this OR can link me to an up-to-date video tutorial that would be amazing.

1488 days ago


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