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Is that comic sans I see in the OP  :o

Jokes aside, map seems interesting, I'll be sure to check it out tomorrow.
1986 days ago
now, did you "actually" play all 5 of those maps in the space of 1:27 ( as in "1 minute" 27 seconds ) or were you just trying to push you post count up? lol

Well, us new gu...
2040 days ago
Sorry for the quadruple post, but my first issue was a stupid one - we changed host and it worked out, so it's just a problem on our end.

Great map, finally got to the final weapon ^^
2059 days ago
I was playing with a group of friends, and on round 22, when everyone had Elemental weapons, the host crashed and we got the error 'Exceeded maximum number of script variables'.

At the time, I was spamming a 'Hellsfire' (elemental Winter's Howl), one friend was us...
2060 days ago


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