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Is that comic sans I see in the OP  :o

Jokes aside, map seems interesting, I'll be sure to check it out tomorrow.
1986 days ago
now, did you "actually" play all 5 of those maps in the space of 1:27 ( as in "1 minute" 27 seconds ) or were you just trying to push you post count up? lol

Well, us new guys need to get up past 20 posts some way...
2040 days ago
Sorry for the quadruple post, but my first issue was a stupid one - we changed host and it worked out, so it's just a problem on our end.

Great map, finally got to the final weapon ^^
2059 days ago
I was playing with a group of friends, and on round 22, when everyone had Elemental weapons, the host crashed and we got the error 'Exceeded maximum number of script variables'.

At the time, I was spamming a 'Hellsfire' (elemental Winter's Howl), one friend was using the elemental M9 Beretta, another friend was using the 'Freeze-90' (elemental P90) and the last was using the elemental FMG9 Dual Wield.

Double Post Merge: December 16, 2015, 06:08:41 am
Adding on to the post before, we were playing with the party child cheering mutator thing.

Also, I'm sure many people have mentioned these two bugs before, but I'm randomly getting one shot even after getting Jug after being electrocuted to death (due to either the electric trap or the electricity beside spawn), and the axe disappeared after its user was electrocuted to death - we checked the spot where he died, and the place it originally spawned and couldn't find it.

Otherwise, this is a brilliant map, definitely the best I've ever played. I love the ridiculous number of easter eggs you've added. Keep up the good work ^^

Double Post Merge: December 16, 2015, 08:48:34 am
We tried again today, crashed at round 22 again. This time no mutators, no one was doing anything, the round had just started.
2060 days ago


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