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Here to make epic maps
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September 22, 2014, 10:17:09 am
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I just tested this and the bank works . I didn't add the sounds yet I will add them later just wanted to confirm and say thanks. This was a great feature in ZIS when playing co op !

One question is it possible to delete or perhaps change the colour of the HUD when you deposit or rem...
6 years ago
Was this map being made for BO3 or WAW ?
7 years ago
Hey man thanks for the reply , the problem there is I am no good with the scripting or the porting side of mapping , it was the weapon ports and scripting that I found difficult the first time I mapped :(  I would like to have some collaboration with some other guys to work on this map and have...
7 years ago
After a lot of trial and error I am having difficulty getting the zombies to spawn into my map , the only way they traverse into the map is the window barrier prefab from the example map . I have a lot of points in my map where the zombies spawn in but window boards would look out of place there . <...
7 years ago
Hi guys , I have been playing a lot of SOE and I like the keepers sword very much , I have started to create a map for BO3 and I was wondering if anyone knew where to start adding the sword to custom maps and also original maps ( the giant ) as a replacement for the annihilator .

I have ...
7 years ago
Having played abandoned school map along with the others i found overall this map the best for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Features including a trap and a wonderweapon , a uniquie boss zombie from KF , options in menu for FOV , hitmarkers and zombie counter. The map and level design are also exce...
9 years ago
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