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turn out I was renaming j_gun to tag_gun instead of tag_weapon.
'm stupid
1422 days ago

the ads up/down/fire animations are fine apart from the missing parts (sights,bolt,etc)
the reload anims aren't playing at all
any idea what happened?
1423 days ago
when inside maya before you binded the model itself the joints had the proper tags right ? like the clip was marked as tag_clip and so on?
I got the problem solved
when I imported the gun in the...
1426 days ago
basically I'm porting the hK21.
I think I did everything correctly,but I tried to convert one of the reload animation and when I play it,the gun & hands move correctly but the bolt & mag "stick" to the gun,as in they're correctly attached to it but don't move wh...
1431 days ago
I set my grid size very small and try my best to mimic the geometry in the original game. I have Black Ops 1 running on my other monitor while using radiant so that helps a lot. There's a lot of trial and err...
1434 days ago
looking sick
though please don't include all of the available weapons and their mother.
only 3 or 4 of the BM/wonderweapon would be much better imo.
1434 days ago


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