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turn out I was renaming j_gun to tag_gun instead of tag_weapon.
'm stupid
1425 days ago

the ads up/down/fire animations are fine apart from the missing parts (sights,bolt,etc)
the reload anims aren't playing at all
any idea what happened?
1426 days ago
when inside maya before you binded the model itself the joints had the proper tags right ? like the clip was marked as tag_clip and so on?
I got the problem solved
when I imported the gun in the conversion rig the joints names were wrong
1430 days ago
basically I'm porting the hK21.
I think I did everything correctly,but I tried to convert one of the reload animation and when I play it,the gun & hands move correctly but the bolt & mag "stick" to the gun,as in they're correctly attached to it but don't move when they're supposed to
I've had this problem for a while and already did when trying to pork the ak74u, and asked a bunch of peoples.
got either no reply or they couldn't find a solution.
can anyone help me?
1435 days ago
I set my grid size very small and try my best to mimic the geometry in the original game. I have Black Ops 1 running on my other monitor while using radiant so that helps a lot. There's a lot of trial and error but I figure eventually I might port over some models from Moon using Maya and Lime, but as they seem very low quality I'd rather make as many with brushes as I can so I don't have to spend so long re-texturing.
you know wraith let you rip models & textures super easily
though yeah the BO1 textures aren't crazy
1438 days ago
looking sick
though please don't include all of the available weapons and their mother.
only 3 or 4 of the BM/wonderweapon would be much better imo.
1438 days ago
you're being way too ambitious
try doing something with the tools before announcing you're gonna make a whole pack
1438 days ago
I know what you could replace the nova zombies with
a mannequin that down on 1 hit/2 with jugg, same speed as other zombies but he can't move when you look at him,you could reuse code from nuk3town I guess
1438 days ago
Dont fucking steal assets from others peoples maps
assets which they already stole if we're talking about ports
that'd pretty much be the same thing as ripping it from the original game in all due respect
1442 days ago
some of these props are super detailled,how do you do that just with brushes?
1448 days ago
fuck I wanted to do a harbour map too
well there goes my only original idea
1449 days ago
I don't think the map really need any boss tbh
1451 days ago
how the fuck do you work so fast
teach me master
1455 days ago


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