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Messages - optic_deity

I added Sounds folder, Images folder, and The folder with the weapon codes.  I left out the accuracy since there is no AI... 

Double Post Merge: August 27, 2017, 04:30:35 pm
I was also thinking that I needed a mod.ff folder but im not sure...  My multiplayer mod, it worked, but the Zombies wont...
7 years ago
How Do I effectively block my ip adress so the moderators or anyone else can't find where I am.  Im looking so that my life and my internet wont be compromised.
7 years ago
I am trying to build a mod that just adds guns and a differnt zombie skin for waw Original 4 maps but everyone refuses to help me and there is absolutely nothing on the topic anywhere on the internet.  I used the zombie skin but the zombies appear as default actors.  When I put all the necessary weapon files into a .iwd file, as weapons are, but it doesnt load, the map has errors, and all the game's menus has an alien language/alphabet so I dont know what anything is even the slightest.
7 years ago
I try to post a comment on a map release post, but UGX screwed the comment option and I would like this, screw up, fixed...

Double Post Merge: August 19, 2017, 01:19:33 pm
I also hate it how it shows my ip adress.  But its ok, I can mask it so my computer wont be at risk.
7 years ago
Where on God's green earth is the download links?

Double Post Merge: August 10, 2017, 05:32:55 pm
Where on God's green earth is the download links?
Cuz I don't see it.  According to comments right above mine, it was released, But I feel it as a lie.

Double Post Merge: August 10, 2017, 05:42:42 pm
Oh, Nevermind that.  I found it.  Sorry for misunderstanding.
7 years ago
Ok, with that, cant you use a shotCount higher than 1 for bullet weapons like the starting pistol?
7 years ago
I was editing a weapon file for WaW and I came across a setting that says, "ShotCount".  What does that mean?  The weapon file I was editing was the AA-12 from the UGX weapon pack.  The clip is 8, but that shotcount is 12.
7 years ago
What is everybody's favorite custom maps and features?
7 years ago
I am trying to make a map.  The applications work but when I save the file after finishing for the time it doesn't show up when I try to work on it more.  I look all in the files in my pc but can't open and continue working on the project I saved earlier.  Any ideas?
7 years ago
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