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Messages - optic_deity

They are of no use.  I know of a few bright and somewhat happy maps.  One is the Hello Kitty map.  Then you have a My Little Pony map, I can even make one if not too complexe to make you or others happy
6 years ago
Yea, f*ing welcome.  Not like you saw my comment or hers...
6 years ago
I finally met someone who bitches more than I do haha.
Every post I've seen you make is you hating on something just because you don't know how to use it properly.
This program isn't a virus hahahaha
I don't complain on ever post I make.  Proof?  Just look at all of my posts on the forum.
I know how to use it fyi, but the thing screwed my game.  Like, it was working fine, no problems for more n' a year, then it suddenly screws up.
It couldn't be me because I don't ever mod anything, or try to make mods, excluding changing a few weapon stats for some maps.
6 years ago
I have the steam digital version.  And it isn't just the multiplayer, none of the game works anymore.  It just crashes and says something about having 9 accounts when the limit is 5, but I went to the AppData and deleted all but 1 account, then I get the error again once starting the game again.  Showing again that I have 9 accounts even after deleting 8 of them.
6 years ago
It was a great map, but needed something like Double Tap 2.0, Stopping Power, or something else to boost weapon damage besides Pack-a-Punch.
6 years ago
I have been playing world at war on the pc for more than a year now.  Just today, it started to screw up.  It won't show my accounts that I have and won't let me make a new account.  If I try to make a new account, it just won't show it, then it crashes my game.  I tried every single result I found online, being only 3 of them, my game still wont work.  It has never done this to me.
6 years ago
This Piece of Shit t4m plugin ultimately fucked my damn game up.  Because of it, I can't even choose one of my accounts I clearly have, and I can't even make a new one without getting an unhandled exception error relating to my accounts.  I tried every little thing, still wont work.
This virus program needs to be taken down.
6 years ago
Exactly, you are a arse towards me for no reason.  I still remember what the hell you did to me, How you stabbed me in the back for absolutely no reason.
6 years ago
Well, I have fixed it myself.  But thank you all for the helpful tips. :)

Double Post Merge: November 15, 2017, 10:52:38 pm
Hello, its always been like that. For some weird reason the moderators didi'nt tell anybody about that especially for uber noobs that finally got the mod tools properly installed. (I dont think theres a post at all i mean) But must of had of a bad day i expect...
What is that supposed to mean?  A way to patronize me?
6 years ago
Jiffy is absolute Shite.  And Australia is absolute shite.  Given the impression this, IDK, arse has given me.
6 years ago
I can play w/ you.  Not on UGX_Requiem though, because it doesn't work and they don't believe in quality control.
My steam is optic_deity.  My WaW playername is Optic_Crypt.
6 years ago
I don't know if you've seen other posts or not.. but a majority of them have some kind of picture in it... (Image removed from quote.) far left button and you add the direct image links within the tags - and the installer is an easier way of giving people w/o knowledge of how the files work access to maps, that way there aren't a million posts asking, "where do I put map files".
The button with the picture, I just get 2 random brackets with 'img' in them, thats where I get that there is no way to add images.  I already knew how to do the hyperlink one.
6 years ago
Well, no.  It doesn't hold such info that would interfere in that way.  One file in AppData is all your mods, which doesn't save anything.  And the 'players' file, which is either empty or non-existent until you make an account. 

Before all the above, If you haven't done it yet, you have to go to file properties on top of your file explorer and scroll until you find the option to show hidden files, AppData one of them.  That's for windows 10.  With windows 7, which i'm using, it shows all files.
6 years ago
Still is a poorly made extension or whatever it is supposed to be.  I still reach the stupid G_spawn error, mostly when using a shotgun.  With using it, I can see it is useless, due to seeing no change within using it and not. I also have the same exact console box, the only difference is 'T4M' in the top left.  So making and distributing the extension is as useless as trying to drown a fish.
6 years ago
I try to play this map but when I get to the UGX Mod options and enable the options that are needed but I dont get the Save and Exit option.  I am using version 1.1 from the US server on the Mod Manager.  Any help would be appreciated.
6 years ago
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