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I could bruh
6 years ago
How do you add a screenshot when there is no way to do so?  and why force everyone to use a stupid automatic install program?  To me, it's very stupid, and I can preach about it.  When I started playing customs, the auto installs simply wouldn't download.  Now, many auto installers take forever to load, if it is even going to work.  Another thing, Many people use, which is horrible, It sucks so much arse, my brain shuts out the memory of the site's name.  and, the last thing, every auto install makes a worthless folder on my desktop, which im tired of deleting, even though I disabled the shortcuts AND Start menu options.
6 years ago
Actually, I fixed it on my own.  All I had to do was remove "Read Only" from every file in my installation so it works perfectly now.
6 years ago
I tried UGX-Script placer 1, 1.1, MrHankeys, and whatever the other one was.  Being that there was only 4 script placers that came up on the countless searches I have made.
And the converter, I have ran it many times before and it shows no error.  When I try to compile... It simply won't, the error says, "27018 files in iwd files
Loading map file C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty World at War\map_source\
More than 16 AABB nodes needed"   And I have no Idea what it could mean... I look the error up, and nothing ever shows up, just random nonsense that I didn't search for.
6 years ago
Map won't compile, wallbuys don't work (give me only air and takes no points), box only has raygun (which gives nothing), adds nothing to inventory, weapons from ugx mods simply wont even show up in the map, HarryBO21 perks don't even show up, no options to add skybox, and no options to edit zombie speed/health.

Also, don't give me the bullcrap where you are like, "Oh, did you install mod tools properly", "Oh, just look it up on the internet", or "oh, did you use the correct tools and updates".  Yes, I used proper tools, I used proper updates, and yes... I did look up the compile error but nothing even remotely related to what I search for even shows up on any of the broken search engines.
6 years ago
I need help.  I had to add this here, due to there being no generalized help section on this site.
I was told to add screenshots to a help question but there is no way in hell it is possible.  It does not give you the option to do so, making the addition of screenshots eternally futile.
Please halp me, It will only take a second. :derp: :derp: :troll:
6 years ago
Please add the following to the topic:

- At least one screenshot and/or YouTube video
- Proper credit to anyone that was largely involved in the creation of the map

These are required of all release topics.
From what I can see... They already had said additions to the post.  He said only one person and added them, and sounds and textures came from Activision.  Also, he has a total of 3 screenshots... 3 being a total of 2 more than 1, or 1<3.
6 years ago
WinButton+P should allow you to cycle through display options. :P
Are ye shure that works for Windows 10?
Just making sure

Double Post Merge: September 28, 2017, 07:24:53 pm
I used win+p but it didnt fix it.  It only had a loading symbol on the cursor, then nothing happened after
6 years ago
I really won't be able to play any games with you until I get my PC fixed.  I accidentally enabled the setting where it puts the display only on the PC, and that's where the problem stems from.  My PC is a all-in-one and the LCD is broken due to my PC falling over... So I have to save up to replace the LCD so I can use the computer again. :lol: :gusta:
6 years ago
I did find a site actually.  I just had a file wrong.  But I finished that.  I did have a problem earlier where I was never able to spawn with and use guns.  But when I compiled a map after converting, I put stock wall weapons using the UGX Mod Standalone.  But I disabled the UGX mod and I am going to see how it ends up.

And, you wouldnt mind adding me on skype, or steam.
Skype: beastialitylover7
Steam: Optic_Deity
WaW: Optic_Crypt
6 years ago
Ok, these are the settings.  And I suppose that there was 2 main errors, one being that I actually didnt put every tool as 'Run As Administrator' except for Radiant and Launcher.  The Second is that I wasn't able to use converter because I get an error; Couldn't find bsp 'mp/mp_unit_test' in raw/maps or devraw/maps,  And :Couldn't find bsp 'sp/mp_unit_test' in raw/maps or devraw/maps. Then it stops the process at; flametable.gdf...

Double Post Merge: September 22, 2017, 09:17:28 pm
I cant get a screenshot on here... when I click 'insert image' I only get this... 
6 years ago
I am also new to mapping.  I got most of it down but I have an error on the Converter and nowhere on the internet is there instructions telling how to fix the error, nothing even mentions it.
6 years ago
It was my second time installing mod tools.  And I used Script Placer Z, GCZ Script Placer, Hankeys Script Placer, and UGX Script placer 1 and 2, and that's all the script placers that exist.
6 years ago
I use a script placer to create a map.  With the map file is a preset.  When I try to run the map on WaW, I spawn without a weapon, wall weapons don't work, box doesn't work; even when I use the 'give all' cheat, I get only the Colt, colt dirty harry, Kar, and ray guns. Even the Pack-a-Punch won't work at all.  I have all the right CSVs and GSCs, I ran the game with compatibility settings and I run as Admin and nothing fixes it.
Please help.
6 years ago
I just wasn't able to comment on any posts where I had dire questions, but this problem has been resolved
7 years ago
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