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Topics - optic_deity

How do I view coordinates in game for BO3 Moon?  I want to make my own version of that mod that spawns perks, mystery box, and allows powerups to drop in No Man's Land... Mostly due to me being completely unable to find said mod anywhere on Google or Steam Workshop.
3 years ago
I need some help adding in shootables that open a secret door?  I was using the mc_shootables script/instructions from Make Cents, and I do every step as the tutorial document shows, but for some reason, the models do dissapear as they should, but shoot all that I set up... and the door doesn't even budge.  And I would also like help figuring out how to have the shootable to play a sound when activated if possible.
4 years ago
I know this is really late for WaW but it is the only COD with Modtools that I can run on my pc.  I really need Script Placer Z 2.0 but the website doesn't exist to download the script placer.  The one who made it said they would lock the topic of Script Placer Z 1.0 once he released 2.0 on UGX but it doesnt exist either.  So I tried to make due with 1.0 but it won't let me use it.  I have every .NetFramework there is, including 4.5, But I keep on getting the J.I.T debugging error saying that the Framework has an error or something.  I even put the files into the root for WaW also, but the app won't recognise the fact that I even manually selected the WaW executable.  Please help me with this seemingly impossible error.

I wanted Script Placer Z because All of the HarryBO21 Perks are accesible through the scripts the Application provides.
6 years ago
Is there a way to add a custom fire sound to a weapon that is already there, such as the walther p39?  I wanted to know because I have a sound file I got for TESV: Skyrim and I thought it would be cool to use it for the walther, but when I change the sounds to the sound I want, there is simply no sound at all when firing.  Any ideas?
6 years ago
I was wondering if anyone knew of any mod that has new/modern weapons for the map itself, to replace the boring W@W weapons.  Well, I am making one, with no help from anyone.  I will be adding about 78 new weapons, ranging from Black Ops all the way to Black Ops 3 weapons.  Any new ideas anyone can provide, and tutorials to some, would be appreciated.
6 years ago
I am using windows 7.  And for some reason, whenever I try to make an account, it just goes right back to having me "create" an online account.  Then when I check my "profiles" folder, I have an account called '$$$' every time, even if I delete it.  I know my cdkey is validated, I know I have well over the system minimum requirements.  I even tried everyrthing else under the sun but nothing works.  There is also no forums online anywhere that even comes close to helping/giving different outcomes.  Please help, I am loosing it over this crap. 

And BTW.  I want NO answers saying, 'oh, reinstall the game' or "oh, verify your games files" because 1st, it doesnt work, second, I dont even have the options to verify the game's files in steam.
6 years ago
I have been playing world at war on the pc for more than a year now.  Just today, it started to screw up.  It won't show my accounts that I have and won't let me make a new account.  If I try to make a new account, it just won't show it, then it crashes my game.  I tried every single result I found online, being only 3 of them, my game still wont work.  It has never done this to me.
7 years ago
Map won't compile, wallbuys don't work (give me only air and takes no points), box only has raygun (which gives nothing), adds nothing to inventory, weapons from ugx mods simply wont even show up in the map, HarryBO21 perks don't even show up, no options to add skybox, and no options to edit zombie speed/health.

Also, don't give me the bullcrap where you are like, "Oh, did you install mod tools properly", "Oh, just look it up on the internet", or "oh, did you use the correct tools and updates".  Yes, I used proper tools, I used proper updates, and yes... I did look up the compile error but nothing even remotely related to what I search for even shows up on any of the broken search engines.
7 years ago
I need help.  I had to add this here, due to there being no generalized help section on this site.
I was told to add screenshots to a help question but there is no way in hell it is possible.  It does not give you the option to do so, making the addition of screenshots eternally futile.
Please halp me, It will only take a second. :derp: :derp: :troll:
7 years ago
I use a script placer to create a map.  With the map file is a preset.  When I try to run the map on WaW, I spawn without a weapon, wall weapons don't work, box doesn't work; even when I use the 'give all' cheat, I get only the Colt, colt dirty harry, Kar, and ray guns. Even the Pack-a-Punch won't work at all.  I have all the right CSVs and GSCs, I ran the game with compatibility settings and I run as Admin and nothing fixes it.
Please help.
7 years ago
How Do I effectively block my ip adress so the moderators or anyone else can't find where I am.  Im looking so that my life and my internet wont be compromised.
7 years ago
I am trying to build a mod that just adds guns and a differnt zombie skin for waw Original 4 maps but everyone refuses to help me and there is absolutely nothing on the topic anywhere on the internet.  I used the zombie skin but the zombies appear as default actors.  When I put all the necessary weapon files into a .iwd file, as weapons are, but it doesnt load, the map has errors, and all the game's menus has an alien language/alphabet so I dont know what anything is even the slightest.
7 years ago
I try to post a comment on a map release post, but UGX screwed the comment option and I would like this, screw up, fixed...

Double Post Merge: August 19, 2017, 01:19:33 pm
I also hate it how it shows my ip adress.  But its ok, I can mask it so my computer wont be at risk.
7 years ago
I was editing a weapon file for WaW and I came across a setting that says, "ShotCount".  What does that mean?  The weapon file I was editing was the AA-12 from the UGX weapon pack.  The clip is 8, but that shotcount is 12.
7 years ago
What is everybody's favorite custom maps and features?
7 years ago
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