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Topics - nickst98

Pardon my ignorance i haven't been active in the modding scene in some time, this may be common knowledge by now but i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as far as porting some weapons. I am still working on a project periodically that is heavily focused on keeping things in ww2 era, i want to get some new weapons and ww2 is really the only game that i can get that from.

Thanks for any helpful info
6 years ago
Hi, i recently got a new pc. is there a place i can download the mod tools for world at war and sniperbolts tutorial fabs? i used to use custom cod but thats long dead.
6 years ago
Subject line says it. ive used mod repository and a few others, im looking for a tutorial or something along those lines to help me work on making more realistic lighting in world at war. my map is a more gloomy and horror based one, i want to work with light rays a lot and maybe add some sort of lampposts. but my lighting skills are shit to say the least.
7 years ago

ZAsylum is a project i've been working on slowly over the course of a few years ever since i finished fallout assault center. I have recently started working on it more often and think i have enough content for a wip now.

ZAsylum is based heavily off of the Asylum mp and zm maps, with my own imagination. This map is intended to be of a classic style and will likely not contain many mods such as modern or future weapons, will however contain some to all perks up through bo3 zombies. If you have any suggestions/questions please feel free to message me or comment. Here is a quick video to show my progress so far.

Random image to allow me to post.
7 years ago
So i have been absent for a long time from this site and cod, but ive been slowly working on a new map over the past few months. I recently moved w@w to a new ssd but my mods (like downloaded maps) are still in their old place on my main drive. I think ive successfully compiled since I changed it over, but i could be wrong. does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

8 years ago
Hello, a lot of probably don't know me. So many new people now. A while back I announced I was done mapping and on to a new project, an indie game. This was not too surprising but that sadly fell through. The team lost interest with barely any thing. I am continuing to write a storyline for a game hat I plan to make when I get out of college, but that's all I will say for now other than its a story driven zombie game.

Ok, so, I would like to announce my return to mapping, and my next project, zasylum. I currently have about 24 hours of collective work into this map and am still on the first room. It will be a twist on the multiplayer map asylum. That's all I have to say about it now, but it will be a while before this even has a wip page.

The reason this will take a while is because I am now back in public school, I am in a program where high school juniors and seniors can take up to six college courses at a time at the University campus in place of normal high school, I attend  4 gen-Ed classes and a seminar now, so my primary focus is school until summer. That is likely when you will see a wip, but you may see one earlier depending on how things go.
10 years ago
I'm looking for a UPS backup battery for my PC


corsair cx500

8gb ram

and radeon HD 7870

amd fx8320
three fans plus heat sink fan

need at least two or three minutes of backup power, thanks
10 years ago
As many if you know I have not been around much, I have decided to quit mapping to work on a game with a friend, fac v2 may or may not be finished, I plan to keep you updated on the game, we just got a unreal dev kit and we are still deciding on a theme for the game, It will be a shooter maybe a zombie game, as I said I will keep you updated and if I decide to finish fac v2 I will let you know.

we should be looking for extra help in the near future for the game
10 years ago

a freind has this laptop and wants to know what kind of games he could play
10 years ago
so i want to get the mod tool files from my laptop to my desktop, how do i do this properly.

i want to get exactly whats on the laptops mod tools to the desktop, i can delete desktops currently installed tools if needed
10 years ago

cpu amd fx 8320

gpu amd radeon hd 7870

thinking of getting a amd radeon r7 250x, i game in 1680x1050, is it worth upgrading?
10 years ago
merry christmas! what did you guys get today? i got a ps4 with a few games, if you would like to play with me my psn is nick_ak907
11 years ago

put in reflection probes and light grid, compiled a few times and reflections are set to compile in launcher
11 years ago
i want to make something like this for a future map, is it even possible on world at war or no?

here is a pic if you haven't played it

11 years ago
This map can be downloaded from the UGX Map Manager.

This map features UGX Mod v1.0.3! For a full list of features, click here.

fallout assault center takes place in a unnamed east coast city after the events of moon. fight to the death with your favorite drunk, jap, german and marine in the zombie infested wasteland city and the underground assault center.


UGX mod

large map

heavy detail


Mappers: Nickst98 | Weezy428

Scripter: YaPh1l

porter: p0rkroyalz

poster guy: chunkdogg9

beta testers: zombiejelly, knzombiemaster, stuffed oatmeal, tomikaze


bugs are to be expected the map is 100% complete and i have fixed many bugs found by me and testers, but there are still some you will find, please let me know about them and i will have them fixed in the next update

11 years ago
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