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Messages - nickst98

i have the customcod mod tools downloaded on a usb i use whenever i install lol
6 years ago
Pardon my ignorance i haven't been active in the modding scene in some time, this may be common knowledge by now but i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as far as porting some weapons. I am still working on a project periodically that is heavily focused on keeping things in ww2 era, i want to get some new weapons and ww2 is really the only game that i can get that from.

Thanks for any helpful info
6 years ago
6 years ago
Hi, i recently got a new pc. is there a place i can download the mod tools for world at war and sniperbolts tutorial fabs? i used to use custom cod but thats long dead.
6 years ago
Subject line says it. ive used mod repository and a few others, im looking for a tutorial or something along those lines to help me work on making more realistic lighting in world at war. my map is a more gloomy and horror based one, i want to work with light rays a lot and maybe add some sort of lampposts. but my lighting skills are shit to say the least.
7 years ago
Yes I'm still actively working on this. I will pick people for beta who I see around enough that I think they will help.
7 years ago
Theres a reason why Nacht Remakes are so hated

or  nuketown. the one remake i would honestly not mind is studio from bo1, if its done right.
7 years ago
Let me be honest with you... Remakes need to not happen anymore... We need new map ideas being released.

That's part of what made me bored with mapping for a few years, mainly "this Remake! That remake!" Nothing refreshing.
7 years ago
Eyyy, Nickst, good to see you returning from inactive users. Always nice to see old timers coming back to modding. While I don't like WaW that much anymore due to BO1/3 tools being out, I tend to time to time come back, if there are quality maps being worked on. Hopefully this is one of them :D

Seems alot of the old timers have gone, i havent seen trem around either. If you are interested in playing the beta whenever that comes around let me know.
7 years ago
Nice! Interesting project!

I would like to see more in-game images  :)

Spoiler: click to open...
I am not a fan of lighting exteriors with white lights... Are you using some worldspawn settings?

Thanks! I have never been the best at lighting, that's one of my goals for this project is to improve In that skill, a lot of the lights are just placeholders.

Double Post Merge: May 05, 2017, 03:59:38 pm
I'm a fan of Fallout Assault Center, so I have no doubt this'll be a great map. A very interesting theme, too: I've never seen anyone do a version of Verruckt based the MP map, gives an alternate timeline kind of vibe. Excited to see more!

Thanks, i've always liked the mp map better myself.
7 years ago

ZAsylum is a project i've been working on slowly over the course of a few years ever since i finished fallout assault center. I have recently started working on it more often and think i have enough content for a wip now.

ZAsylum is based heavily off of the Asylum mp and zm maps, with my own imagination. This map is intended to be of a classic style and will likely not contain many mods such as modern or future weapons, will however contain some to all perks up through bo3 zombies. If you have any suggestions/questions please feel free to message me or comment. Here is a quick video to show my progress so far.

Random image to allow me to post.
7 years ago
I'm pretty excited to see mod tools becoming a thing. After black ops where they never finished the tools, and bo2 with none whatsoever, I lost hope that they would ever make another moddable COD (for dlc purposes of course) but for once they are listening to the older fans. What would get them bank now is following fallout and making a patch for console mods. I'm working on my second map for w@w based on the multiplayer asylum, has anyone made any work porting w@w textures, guns, etc? I might want to hold off and remap in bo3 when the tools release if so.
8 years ago
The files are set to read-only because 3arc  be dumb you can delete them from your actual mods folder in root then you'll be fine

so i fixed that now got this error

Linker summary:

There were 0 warnings and 1 error.

Arguments passed to linker:
  -nopause -language english -moddir nazi_zombie_tutorial nazi_zombie_tutorial

Double Post Merge: July 26, 2016, 07:46:44 am
Nevermind, i fixed it. Thanks!
8 years ago
So i have been absent for a long time from this site and cod, but ive been slowly working on a new map over the past few months. I recently moved w@w to a new ssd but my mods (like downloaded maps) are still in their old place on my main drive. I think ive successfully compiled since I changed it over, but i could be wrong. does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

8 years ago
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