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Looks good so far. So this map will made in Germany  :P
1676 days ago
Good - Better -  MidgetBlaster :P
1684 days ago
Gotta love being from germany
(Image removed from quote.)

Basically says that it MIGHT contain copyrighted music
1684 days ago
Its time to download something :P
1684 days ago
Cool :)
1696 days ago
! No longer available

Decided to upload one of my best gameplays :P


Pls try to play Bass Slut made by Pesh
1697 days ago
Not much to seen yet. But looks good for the start :)
1697 days ago
I hope u dont kill someone here on UGX :P

Also Welcome :)
1699 days ago
I don't think you got that sentence, re-read it:p

@ ImJagg and Zehara I added you both and will invite you if I see you ingame(:

So then i missunderstaind something here on UGX.
1700 days ago
I think ur maps needs Custom Guns :P
1700 days ago
lol the last time I heard of a map which is a real life school scenario ended with expulsion from school because of the whole rempage at school thing.

Well good luck :D
Thanks :)
1701 days ago
I think your pic is from Wolfenstein (2009)

It looks a little bit like Ghost Rider  :P
1701 days ago
Another good looking map made by you :D
but how are you able to make these maps so fast? ???
He got Mapping Helps from me ^^
1701 days ago


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