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oh wow i like ur map. Looks very very interesting :)
1698 days ago
Looks good so far :)

Keep an eye on it  ;D
1698 days ago
Thats amazing :D :D :D
1716 days ago
Are there some Duft Punk songs in ur map :P  :P
1717 days ago
I see offthewall as a Scripter  ::)
1718 days ago
Nice works Midget Blaster :)
1718 days ago
well as they woudl therefore only see this on "my" maps, that comment was fairly redundant lol
not really  ;D
1719 days ago
There are so many Tutorials on YT, about Terrain Mapping and others ......
1719 days ago
think ill change all mine to "If you cheat you suck!"
Cheating doesnt suck. Only if u cheat on other maps :P
1719 days ago
This camo looks very nice :)
1719 days ago
Looks good so far ville. Also have some ideas for u :)

Gonna tell u them in Steam
1719 days ago
You are wrong, is working on the launcher.

He is working on this too. He sent me long time ago a link to a site, which list all his works.
1724 days ago
Looks really good so far :)
1724 days ago
1724 days ago
After some round the zombies are invisible sometimes. Until im n there near. And the axe doesnt work for me  :'(
1725 days ago


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