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Looks good so far.

Had a broken gun at the beginning of the round....

But at all, good work :D

20 hours ago
Daumen hoch. Looks very detailed for this style of map :D
1492 days ago
Moving it to the Youtube section, think it fits better there.


Oke lukkie thanks :D
1521 days ago
All I hear:
(Content removed from quote.)

Nice enjoy this song -.-
1521 days ago
Hey Guys

Just watch this awesome video made by NikkyyHD

Its a CS:GO video, but this awesome video gaved me some really really cool ideas for mapping :D
1521 days ago
well the title does say mp_
and what if someone wants to use it as an mp map?

I would say wrong site to make here some MP-Maps. But uploading a MP map here isnt really bad, causes today, we can change a mp map to zombie map :D :D :D
1531 days ago
This motivation for that ....
1537 days ago
I see some Player-Spawns. Its acctually a MP-Map. Maybe remove all unnecessary things.
1537 days ago
Looks very detailed for the beginning :)

Keep up the good work
1537 days ago
Looks very impressive. Looking forward for this great work :)
1537 days ago
Purple looks like a skin from CS:GO (Flux)  :P  :P
1637 days ago
Awesome Map ville :D
1654 days ago
Looks brilliant so far :)
1666 days ago
Awesome :)
1666 days ago

Btw I think it's Nacht Der Untoten, unless you removed the 'un' deliberately, which, according to Google translate, changes it from 'Night of the Living Dead' to just 'Night of the Dead', which still kind of works I guess.

"Nacht der Toten" means, Night of the Dead (Dead means in this example the zombie or a dead human)
1674 days ago


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