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interesting about the "stalker", he's a bit scary but his slow speed and lack of effect on the player don't make him that effective
also found when I was trying for a high round, nova's glitch with the winters howl and will leave clouds of nova on the map if you ...
70 days ago
Feel kind of strange making a review without beating the map, after giving it several tries and think the best so far is in the 30s 
here's my pros and cons and overall of this map 
main menu is great
 double pack is great and rare in maps, even bett...
73 days ago
Basically when playing other maps its kinda difficult to reach to a high round eg. Round 60+ and this mod helps with but am just curious if there any way to merge two mods.
 Something about that line doesn't ...
367 days ago
I have been playing this mod for quite a while now ( 4 player co-op)
mainly on kino cause its hard to high round the other map but there is a --reaper perk pack--- that would make this mod even greater if all the p...
376 days ago
Yeah all my testers kind of lost interest in the mod after initial release and as such almost no one tested v1.1 before release.
Oh that explains the problems that would have been seen right away like...
407 days ago
Alright, thanks for the info. Will update when I can.

there is probably alot glitches/bugs to be found but i havent played enough although ive found the same glitch on moon happens on acsension with ...
408 days ago


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