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interesting about the "stalker", he's a bit scary but his slow speed and lack of effect on the player don't make him that effective
also found when I was trying for a high round, nova's glitch with the winters howl and will leave clouds of nova on the map if you kill many in that spot
Here's an example: found after about the mid 20s the enginner boss no longer spawns 
102 days ago
Feel kind of strange making a review without beating the map, after giving it several tries and think the best so far is in the 30s 
here's my pros and cons and overall of this map 
main menu is great
 double pack is great and rare in maps, even better its not just bo3 style repack its new camo, more ammo 
I liked the generators 
The banzai zombies are funny and interesting 
The maps overall aesthetic is interesting (although sadly I can't record on it because all that snow kills my fps)
Many wide open area fantastic training spots and camping 
Added perks are interesting and sometimes useful 
personally the weapons could use a bit more variety from other games
weapon glitches:
The cm-90 animation while running is glitchy with fov 90 
acr run animation is also glitchy at fov 90 
Map glitches:
had a moment when I got into the elevator and while it was moving got stuck in the corner and couldn't move
Map itself:
The cave is so dark you need nearly max brightness to see something (which was probably on purpose)
The underground area with that green pit, oh I was so pissed when I fell in there (so pissed in fact I said oh screw it loaded up my mod menu, +infinte points, frozen zombies, and went exploring, I did take off the mod menu for later tries)
The pap area, why do zombies spawn in there, its almost impossible to pap unless you have like 1 zombie left at end round
Why, why did you have to add nova zombies! 
I hate nova zombies, part of the reason I can't play kino 
also why the engineer as a boss, that feels a bit generic since most maps have him 
The teleporter I don't quite understand his role much
replay:6/10 (for the ee/high round)
zombie types:7.5/10
weapon repack:6/10
(could easily see myself getting to high rounds just matter of time and not turning the power on)

104 days ago
Basically when playing other maps its kinda difficult to reach to a high round eg. Round 60+ and this mod helps with but am just curious if there any way to merge two mods.
 Something about that line doesn't make sense or im reading it wrong, of you need a mod to get to high rounds? 
398 days ago
I have been playing this mod for quite a while now ( 4 player co-op)
mainly on kino cause its hard to high round the other map but there is a --reaper perk pack--- that would make this mod even greater if all the perk machine can be included with your mod i know its kinda annoying to hear this but is there any way this is possible?
...Awaiting response...
Just wondering what do you consider high rounds?
408 days ago
Yeah all my testers kind of lost interest in the mod after initial release and as such almost no one tested v1.1 before release.
Oh that explains the problems that would have been seen right away like dm glitch, box glitched, the thief glitch probably wouldn't have been noticed unless the user specific spawned in the weapons for testing them out see if like ice staff was fixed or if anything was broken by the update.
439 days ago
Alright, thanks for the info. Will update when I can.

there is probably alot glitches/bugs to be found but i havent played enough although ive found the same glitch on moon happens on acsension with dm also if you i think kill the monkeys on ascension with ice staff the round wont change just like the sliquifier with thief.
439 days ago
1. Someone already mentioned that, will be fixed soon.
2. I didn't change anything to do with QED. That isn't me. It might be due to general lack of memory because of how intensive the mod is. Did you catch the error name?
3. Will look into.
5. Will look into.

As to the C4, I don't get what you mean. Are you not able to pickup the C4 from the box? Have you checked your inventory for them? (They're activated with the same button used by the claymore)
The QED error was like non cached weapon or something il test it later
The c4 is like when you hit the box normally it shows weapons then slows down and stops on your weapon it rolls now it only shows a c4 untill last second then shows the weapon and this happens across all maps of 1.1 so far

Double Post Merge: July 29, 2018, 05:24:08 am
also just occurred a new glitch on moon and its with zap guns
It happened when i hit the box and saw zap guns come up but these's weren't any zap guns they act like default weapon and use your other weapon in a strange way i also went and recorded some of the glitches/errors
1.This one shows zap gun glitch and death machine
2.This one is five the ice staff doesn't show its particles and sliquifier breaking the theif

Double Post Merge: July 29, 2018, 05:28:05 am
Also forgot the box glitch thing
446 days ago
after trying 1.1 i found the ice staff still breaks the spawns on windows on kino and the box now will only show the c4 till the last second then show what gun you get is that intentional?

Double Post Merge: July 29, 2018, 03:54:33 am
After giving this a few more trys i encountered several game breaking errors
now number 1 is just minor but annoying
1. death machine glitch now on moon when you pickup the dm drop it doesn't appear in your hands also the user can sprint while its active and can knife while active is this intentional?
2.had a glitch on moon with the qed i think how its spelled that it spawned a raygun that crashed the match not the game came up with a error so that was annoying this one someone mentioned but didnt go in detail its the pentagon thief and sliquifier
now what happened i was on round 21 with pap an-94 paped, wind staff paped, also sliquifier, all perks going for a decent round now round 21 pentagon thief comes out i shoot him with sliquifier and he vanishes but the round wont change and the max/fire or bond fire wont drop and its stuck on round 21 i also looked at the console and it says
Actor_updateyeinformation: actor dobj doesn't have tag_eye(c_usa_pent_zombie_officeworker_body)
4. now kino seems to work as intended no problems there
5. and so far ascension works as intended except the sicle has a glitchy animation
447 days ago

1 and 2 I'll look into.
3 is completely intentional. Only a few wonder weapons can spawn each game. But the list refreshes every game.

Wonder Weapons

1 and 2 I'll look into.
3 and 4 is completely random lmao. It's a matter of probability. It's ridiculous to consider that an issue.
Thanks for telling me about number 3 i noticed i only got certain staffs when i restarted like only got ice or only got wind
459 days ago
Id have to say nice mod but that be to simple for a mod of this type.
I'll just give my full opinion tried it a few times and overall it lacks balance for most part its not that the weapons are terrible its more of the amount of op wonder weapons and terrible ones here's a list
this will be for normal weapons next list will be wonder weapons
1.the upgraded pistol is pretty weak round 10 2 shot kill feels a bit lacking
2.mostly every gun is really weak on low rounds without double tap this might just be a problem not intended(also mostly about the staffs) but the box only would give me certain weapons everytime i played like i played yesterday only got lightning staff next time wind staff or next i could only get the ice staff got it like 8 times in 1 game.
This will be for wonder weapons and mostly staffs
1.the lightning staff is terrible round 15 it took around 10 shots to kill a crawler a bit sad maybe it was my fault
2.the ice staff i have to say kinda broke the wall of difficulty being used with the servant
3.never got the fire staff even after hitting the box for around 100k points in total through the game
4.i feel like i got the blundergat a bit to often.
in total went to round 42 and ended by tactical nuke a nice feature
over all i say mod has a 7/10 replay and 8.5/10 for features
459 days ago
decently easy map, a nice selection of weapons, a bit dark though, although the gun game is a bit broken if the player goes and paps his weapon on the round 20 challenge it wont refill his ammo
509 days ago
looking nice by screenshots makes me wonder how did i not find this before

Double Post Merge: May 27, 2018, 06:00:44 am
Well after playing it for a few tries (like 10 trying to find the code) after i found it then map became smooth and easy sailing
just hit round 42 and just ended it could have gone for 50 got a bit boring.
The map has alot of positives and alot of problems
my opinion of it positives
1. nice weapon selection
2. interesting map layout
3. But the weapon pap are a bit of a split some of terrible and others are great
now problems
1. the code was a bit hard to find some players would have given up
2. like said weap pap are a bit weak or some are very strong also lack of ammo for paped guns
3. crashes a bit could be my problem
4. spawning locations are mostly centered only around the player as in your in pap room zombies will mostly only spawn there
5. zombies are very inconsistent from all the stuff on the road
6. the weapons seemed like they had a high fire rate cap like the starting pistol seemed like it was capped to 400-500rpm
7. this is a bit of just me but when you have tons of strong perks and free gun given for doing soul boxes along with high ammounts of max and drops and box always trying to give me a raygun mk2 it became a bit easy
over all was a fun map
id say on a scale
6-7/10 for map design
8/10 for weapon being from bo3
6/10 for replayability
510 days ago
me and my friend tryed playing this map first 2 runs my whole map everything but the grass turned black second run everything was invis third run game crashes 4th run game crashes any fix to this?
1031 days ago
Thanks,  That means a lot.

Also that is not a bug that's was added and he will come back within a few rounds.
the panzer soldat comes back in a few rounds? he never came back for me
1052 days ago
i would say this map would be in my top 3 of a top 50 zombie maps of all time or top 2

btw the panzer soldat is broken if you move to far from him he will just leave the map
1056 days ago


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