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Hi, I'm using SniperBolts Tutorial Prefab's mystery boxes and the box does not move from the start location, I have checked the kvp's of each boxes and they are all correct. please help!
284 days ago
Hey guys, im having a slight issue with the mysterybox that comes with the ugx mod tools/prefabs. Any help? :)

Heres an image of the error I have been getting
328 days ago
Ok i have done this and now i am getting another error.

Server script compile error
Unknown function
user thread harrybo21_give_gun(
(see console for details)

know any fixes? :)
1378 days ago
Now im getting another error.

Sever script compile error
could not find script 'maps/_harrybo21_utilites'
#include maps\_harrybo21_utilites

how do i fix this?
1379 days ago
sorry i am really new and i dont get most of this,
in my map file i have this

// Magic Boxes -- The Script_Noteworthy Value Names On Purchase Trigger In Radiant
   boxArray = [];
   boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "start_chest";
   boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = &quo...
1379 days ago
how do i change that.  and the only chest i can see in prefabs is treasure_chest
1380 days ago


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