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I added the images to raw/images.

or do I need to make a images folder in my mod/mapname?
Did you add the images to the mod?? Like in the images folder of your mod?
367 days ago
Hi everyone,

A few days ago I imported some xmodels from bo2 to waw.

In Radiant and after compiling the map from the launcher the models look as they should. I now made the map in to an .exe with the UGX Installation Creator v1.1 and all the Imported xmodels are not t...
367 days ago
Hi everyone,

I have gotten a compiling error (Error -1073741819) and I have no clue what has caused it and how I can fix it.

For some reason the compiling process stop's as it is trying to finish the last task on the console. (splitting windings into lightable areas...)
884 days ago
Hi there,

I am having trubble with adding the "mortar_strike" in to the _zombiemode_weapons.gsc.

I have never added a weapon of any kind and have no idea what to put in.

Could you help?

892 days ago
Try to enter the map with "devmap_yourmapname".
918 days ago
Hi everyone,

I have used a script from a youtube tut. everything was fine until the bad syntax error poped up. I checked the script and I cannot find the error. Could anyone help?

The error reads: "Bad Syntax {" that's it.

This is the script that I pla...
925 days ago


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