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Bump. Please I still need :(
1561 days ago
i dont know if im too late or if you fixed this yet or not but from what ive seen those files in the shot folder you provided dont look right you have wpn_ak74u_fire_plr_00.wav  but like 5 times i think they ar...
1561 days ago
How much different are black ops 1 shaders compared to WaW? Is it an easy port?

Talking about the take-damage shader for example:

1574 days ago
Try 16 bit, worked for me in the passed. Also i dont think you need to run these kind of sounds through the build-sounds tool. Just convert them in audacity or w/e and add them in soundaliases etc..
1574 days ago
I'm trying to do sounds for the ak74u (bo1 one) but whatever I do they just do not seem to work nor convert with the build sounds tool. Yes the sounds are 41000hz and unsigned 8bit PCM. Yes they are mono. Yes they have appropriate naming.

Wat do?

Included the sounds here:<...
1575 days ago
lol, it's a desert. It's a vast mass of endless scary sand. I think he could make it work with maybe a slight earthquake effect and messing up the vison or some sand blast fx... with multiple zones across for d...
1575 days ago


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