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Happy Halloween guys,

We were very busy and would like to announce the following releases:
UGX Mod BO3 v0.1.1 alpha
Release Topic:,13781
First release of the UGX Mod for Black Ops 3
UGX Azrael:
Release Topic:,13783
First map for Black Ops 3 by UGX-Mods
Announcement Topic:,13784
Beta Access to the new Forum Theme
(currently only for Donors <3, everyone else will get a limited preview)
960 days ago
Hey guys,

let's do it real quick:

Donors <3 have full access to
Normal users or guests get limited access to some areas.

Let us know what you think about the new theme here, or at the dedicated feedback section for the forum. (only visible to donors right now!)

In case you missed it:

UGX Azreal Release:,13783
UGX Mod for BO3:,13781

Oh and Happy Halloween =)
960 days ago
Update: Server Maintenance complete <3
Hello Everyone!

We are having scheduled forum downtime due to server maintenance and preparation of the upcoming UGX Beta Program for our donators.

The downtime will occur on: 25th October 2016 at 5:00am UTC and will take between 1 - 3 hours.

We would like to introduce a new feature at which will keep you up-2-date about incidents and maintenance related to our services.

Thank you for understanding! <3
968 days ago

The Black Ops 3 Mod Tools are now in Open Beta!
Everyone (who owns the game on Steam) can create and play user generated content (mods / maps) now <3

We opened the Black Ops 3 Forum section for everyone now.

Check out our Wiki to get a head start with the new tools:

For Video Tutorials check out our YouTube Channel:

Playlist of Tutorials:

If you have questions check out the Help Section:,86.0.html

We (UGX-Mods) can't wait to see your awesome user generated content,
be sure to create a W.I.P on our Forum and keep the community up-2-date.

Read the official Changelog and more:
994 days ago
Hey guys,

the W10 free upgrade will expire this month.

Would love to get some feedback from W10 users about their experience and current state of Windows 10.

I have it on my laptop for quite a while and TBH it's weird to use compared to W7.
There were many issues, like login screen was bugged (couldn't enter my pw for unknown reasons)
and features like Cortana and App Store was disabled asap.

What is your experience with W10?
Love or hate it?
1079 days ago
Hey guys,

I'm looking for some The Division players (alias Agents) who know how to play the game.

I want to beat the new Incursion mission but it's impossible with all these random people who leave,
can't listen or don't understand how this game works.

If someone is interested, simply hit me up on UPlay (Name: UGX_Delta)

As long as you know how to play and can listen to tactics everything is cool.
A mic is not required (but would be cool)
1161 days ago
Hello UGX Community,

it has been now almost over a year since the last UGX Launcher update for Donors <3.

[TL;DR version is at the bottom :)]

It's time to share our plans for the upcoming months:

We will release a new UGXL version for donors around April / May.
The UGX Launcher is compared to the old one a complete overhaul.
Donors can already experience our new Homepage design. The new UI of the UGX Launcher will also have this nice blue touch.
There are too many changes to talk about them all but here is the version site of our development platform:
It's a massive changelog! ;) (

We also want to introduce our web frontend, UGX Play.
With UGX Play you can browse online through all maps and get a first impression of it.
Map reviews and their ratings for maps will be displayed,
as well as user rating and user installs (not available in donor release)
There are much more awesome features planned, which we introduce as we develop it further.

To help modders to submit their map to UGX Play, we will introduce the UGX MapPacker,
which will help you to pack your map properly. (including mod name check, etc.)

We are really excited about the donor release and can't wait to share what we have worked on for a while now.


UGX Launcher v1.0 donor release is planned in April / May to all UGX Donors.
After some more (donor) feedback, we will release the version to all users! (finally!)
We will introduce UGX Play (web fronted) to find and rate maps and the UGX MapPacker (for modders) to submit their maps on UGX Play.
With UGX Play / UGX Launcher we will change our policy. We allow now almost any map, if it meets certain criteria. (Expect a ton of new maps!)
1168 days ago
Update for January 23rd 2016 can be viewed here. The topic is now locked.

Unfortunately we have to inform every registered user about a database leak today.

Our former team member Mikey 'AoKMiKeY' dumped the whole development database with over 192k user records. The development database is a separate copy of our real forum database which we use on a separate copy of the forum for development and testing purposes. This database is as recent as November 8th 2015, with 191,980 members in it.

Michael has threatened us saying he intends to release this development database to the public, so for the safety of your own personal information please do the following steps and keep reading:

Please do change your password(s)!
Change your UGX-Mods password! >> Directlink to change account password <<
If you used your UGX-Mods password somewhere else, please do also change these!
We highly recommend you use for each webseite / account a new strong password in general!

What data has been stolen and might be leaked:

Data from around 192k users.
(if your user id is higher than 214587 / your account was created after November 8th then you shouldn't be affected)

The data considered to be private / sensetive is:
  • IP Address
  • Password (we do only store the hash, but a bruteforce could be possible)
  • E-Mail Address
  • 219,250 PM Conversations until 8th November 2015 (the conversations are not encrypted! They are plain text!)
  • Donations history (full name from paypal, ypaypal E-Mail Address
  • Secret question and (encrypted!) answer

Other data:
  • Chat messages & chat log
  • SMF log files

Please change your password ASAP!

I want to be as transparent as possible, this was the last conversation we had with Michael:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I would like to explain the long story but we have currently bigger issues to tackle first like containing security issues,
I'll update this announcement with it once things calmed a bit down here.

I would like to apologize in behalf of the UGX-Mods team, this shouldn't happen at all and we are deeply sorry to have to bring this news to you.

If you have further concerns or questions:

- Alexander 'Delta' Diller
In behalf of the UGX-Mods team
1244 days ago
UGX-Mods with the UGX Mod Standalone v1.1 made it into the next round of the Mod of the Year 2015 contest!

Please vote again
Simply hit the *Top 100 Vote Now* button above, to visit our page.
There simply again hit *Top 100* and you are done. (Thanks in advance! <3)

Round 2
We made it into the Top 100! Now it's time to vote again.
With 99 other great mods, it's an honour to be in the top list.

Why should I vote?
You can help us to make UGX-Mods, the UGX Mod (Standalone),
Custom Zombies and all Maps more aware to the rest of the modding community ;)
And you might be one of the lucky ones to win a game key through the ModDB voting ;)

How can I help?
  • Tell everyone you know to vote again for us <3
  • Shout it out on twitter (use the social share buttons below the vote now on our page)

We (UGX-Mods) thank everyone who is going to vote for us this year and the people who voted in 2013.
Without YOU we wouldn't be that big as we are today :)

And now... let's get those votes!
1286 days ago
Today Mod of the Year 2015 kicked off,
and like two years ago, we try to make it into the top 100 again (like 2013)

! No longer available

How to vote?
Simply hit the *Vote Now* button above, to visit our page.
There simply again hit *Vote Now* and you are done. (Thanks in advance! <3 )

Why should I vote?
You can help us to make UGX-Mods, the UGX Mod (Standalone), Custom Zombies and all Maps more aware to the rest of the modding community ;)
And you might be one of the lucky ones to win a game key through the ModDB voting ;)

How can I help?
  • Tell all your friends, family (even your dog!)
  • Shout it out on twiitter (use the social share buttons below the vote now on our page ;)

We (UGX-Mods) thank everyone who is going to vote for us this year and the people who voted in 2013.
Without YOU we wouldn't be that big as we are today :)

And now... let's get those votes!

Update 2015-12-02: added Mod DB popularity   hide widget button
1295 days ago
Hey guys,

we would just like to publicly announce that we reworked how we treat user issues and requests from now on:

If you ever had an issue ( we hope you didn't^^ ) one place to get help was general|at|our_domain, beside the forum and PM.

We are now using a new system to handle your issues / requests and have a Help Channel now for it:
( It requires to register an account - this is not your forum account, maybe in the future )

Please note:
The PM system is not meant for support, use the e-mail or much more preferred the Help Center.
The Help Center is not a replacement for the Forum! - If you have Mapping / Scripting / Modding issues, use the Forum!

We have soon more exciting news too share, which is somehow related to our Help Center ;)
Stay tuned!
1434 days ago
Update 30 July 2015
We have currently a lot of internal things going on.
I had to spent quite some time on it, so the next UGX Launcher release won't make it till sunday.
The next estimate release date will be until 09 Aug 2015.

This should give us a bit more time to resolve internal issues and give me a bit more time to polish the application.

We are also in the end process for job applications as announced earlier this month.
I think we should have them out this weekend.

Thanks for your understanding.

Original post:

Directlink Update, July 2015
1435 days ago
Directlink to survey:

Thanks to everyone who participated!
1475 days ago

Poll has been resetted because of server optimization which should improve page loading times.

Original message

Hey guys,

I would like to know if someone experience faster downloads or faster page loading times after the server move.
( or the opposite )

Simply answer the poll and leave some words if you would like so.

We ( UGX ) want to make sure our site is running great and reliable.
1537 days ago
Update 2

UGX Forum will bet set into maintenance mode at 4pm UTC for around 30 minutes.

Server migration is done! Welcome back!
Any problems? Then let us know ;)

UGX will move to another server for our homepage and file hosting.
The forum will be locked down into maintenance mode on ( today ) Thursday, 02 April 2015 - 4pm UTC
The migrating should be done around 7pm UTC the same day.
Thanks for your understanding and see you on the other si(t)e ;)

Hello folks,

You might have noticed in the past few months some issues with our server.
Mostly noticeably the bad uptime and the long page loading times.

As we grow and get more and more popular, we receive more incoming traffic.
On top of that, a few months ago we received a nice DDoS attack for around a week... some of you probably remember that.

We are well-prepared for 2015 and as a result we will finally move to a new server which can better handle the increased traffic and DDOS attacks.
( It is our 4th big server move now =D )
We hope that we are from now on better prepared for the future.

Beside the lower price and better performance ( double win! ) we will try to improve technically EVERYTHING ;)

- Increased overall security of the new server
- Better preparation for data loss or worse
- Better DDoS Protection
- Overall bandwidth should be higher for everyone as well! ( faster downloads, *yay* o/ )

Administrating a server ( I have done this for over 4 years now ) is an ongoing learning process for me and everyone else in the team as well.
We are only a tiny team and therefore everything takes a bit longer than you might expect.

But besides that, the migration to the new server should go smooth and without any issues. *fingers crossed*
The Forum will go into maintenance mode soon, which means you can only read but not write forum posts or personal messages.

The UGX MapManager, UGX Chat and UGX Launcher should be unaffected by this.
The UGX Teamspeak³ Server will be down for a short time.

Everything should be resolved within the next 24h and WE / I hope there are no other issues.

But if you have an issue, please send an e-mail to [email protected] ( which hopefully works then, hehe )

A BIG THANKS to all our donators <3 - without you we couldn't improve our service for EVERYONE.

- Alexander 'Delta' Diller
1539 days ago


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