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You can snap anything to the grid, the question is how accurate will the angle be after. It might be slightly off, but better to be a little off & on the grid that perfect and off the grid.
7 years ago
yup, radiant has never been able to handle brushes at angles, so stupid, just use prefabs, so make the brush and detail in  prefab at a standard angle, then rotate the prefab in map

Not ...
7 years ago
Sometimes the compiler will try to merge concave surfaces together and generate unwanted collision. It looks like that's what you're seeing here. There are 2 ways you can go about fixing it:

1 - Make all surrounding geo non-colliding and manually clip it (brushes only, no patche...
7 years ago
A little late to reply, sorry.

Before this error popped up, did you recently modify a buyable? Could be a door, weapon, boards, etc.. My guess is you left some part of the ent structure behind without realizing.
7 years ago
Alpha gameplay video.

7 years ago
Windings errors typically have to do with terrain or curve patches. You should take a look at any recent changes you've made and look for any geo that may be overly complex or large.
7 years ago
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