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July 07, 2012, 02:33:27 am
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Were you ever able to figure this out? I have a custom weapon that works perfectly as a normal weapon and I am wondering how to turn it into a specialist weapon instead.
8 months ago
Hello. Basically I have a weapon already ported and functioning perfectly just like a normal weapon, but I am wondering about how to turn it into a specialist weapon? I want it to stay with the player and just have to recharge to use again just like annhilator. I look at the annhilator weapon script...
8 months ago
If anyone else is wondering this, I did manage to figure this out for infite dog spawns.
You need to place a trigger_multiple in your level that covers the entire area that the player will go into to trigger the infite dog spawning function. Give this trigger the kvp:
8 months ago
Hello. I followed this tutorial on modme for bank style doors where each player can deposit points in 250 pt increments to open an expensive door. The tutorial worked perfectly, except for one issue. It says to set the door in radiant up the same way you would a normal door minus a few key changes. ...
8 months ago
As the title states, I basically am wondering how to enable/disable infinite zombie spawning. My example is basically while a player is standing in a specific trigger_multiple, I want zombies to spawn infinitely. Once the player leaves the trigger_multiple, I want the infinite zombie spawning to ret...
11 months ago
Hello all. So I know how to script an script_model or script_brushmodel to move however I please, but I can not figure out how to get the PaP to move. I tried giving the prefab a targetname and then refer to that in the scripts using GetEnt. I have also attempted to use GetEnt by setting up a script...
2 years ago
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