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Hey guys! Is there a line of code that makes it so the script waits until the next round starts before it runs the rest of the script?
211 days ago
Not sure if this will benefit anyone who may view this thread in the future, but if you are wondering how to do what I asked about as well, I did manage to write a chunk of code that basically checks to see if you are holding F every second the code runs. The "use button" is referencing whatever button you press to basically do anything (buy perks, buy weapons off the wall, etc.).

for(i = 5; i > 0; i--) //For i = 5 you can change the five to how ever many seconds you want the player to hold F for.
if(player UseButtonPressed()) //UseButtonPressed is referencing whatever button you have to press to buy doors, perks, and so on. For my controls that button is F.
player DisableWeapons();
wait 1;
player EnableWeapons();
NOTE: you may have to change lines of this code to adjust it to what you want the script to do and to make it work correctly with your script. If you have any questions about this chunk of code don't be afraid to ask! (:
211 days ago
Hey guys! So, I tried looking on this link for a built-in function but I could not find anything (link: What line of code would I write to have it so the player has to hold F for 5 seconds before it allows th rest of the script to run? I know how to do it for pressing F once, but I do not know how to write it so that you have to hold F for 5 seconds. Any help with this would be much appreciated!

On a second note, how do I go about making it so that while the player is holding F , a "progress bar" appears that fills up to show you how much longer you have to hold F for?

219 days ago
Hello! I was windering how do I go about playing a sound in my level so that way it plays lovally on an object. Example: as I walk up to a generator I can hear that the generator is running.
315 days ago
Hello all!

I was wondering how would i go about coding an object so that it can not be seen in level initially but spawn in later after an easter egg step. My main question is how do I make an object spawn in the level through code at an origon of my choice or at the location of a script struct.
330 days ago
I think there are problems moving structs because they don't have a body (Atleast I couldn't use them). However if you have an entity you are able to move it to a direction.

How to use MoveTo?
Wall = getEnt("walldoor", "targetname");
Wall MoveTo( Wall.origin + (200, 200, 0), speed);

This should be the same as in cod waw?
 Hello! Thank you for replying to my post! I don’t think my question was very clear. I was wondering if there was a way so that I could place a script struct in one location, and then place a second script struct in a different location, and then script it so that a different entity moves from the first script struct to the second one.
336 days ago
Question for you all, how would I go about scripting something so that I can make it move from one script_struct to the next? I know there moveTo functions and such and I tried making them work using a script struct, but I could not get it to work. Anyone that can help me with this?
337 days ago
That's true, but the point is that 'self' can be anything, it's simply the variable/entity that called that function
 Hey guys! Really appreciate you guys clarifying that for me. It makes a lot more sense now. If you don’t mine me bothering you with one more question, when is it best to use “level”, “player”, or just threading the next function without anything in front of “thread blah blah blah”?
354 days ago
Use this:
self disable_trigger();

wait 15; // counter

self enable_trigger();
 Thanks! I really appreciate you helping me out! Just curious, what does"self" exactly do in terms of scripting? I've seen it used before, but I don't fully understand how it works.
358 days ago
Hey guys! I'm sure this is a simple thing to script, but I am lost as how to do it. How would one script it so that when I press "F" on a trigger, it will temporarily be unavailable to use until the script for that trigger has run? Example:

I press "F" on a trigger and it turns on a trap. While the trap is running I want the trigger to be unavailable and to have it give no indications of being able to press "F" (it will no longer say press F for blah blah, instead it will saying nothing) until the trap has finished running. Once the trap has finished running I then want the trigger to be able to be used again and to say "Press F to use".

I know how to change the hint icon for the trigger, but what I am mostly wondering is how to make the trigger temporarily unavailable. Any help would be much appreciated!
358 days ago
Hey guys! I'm sure this is something simple, but how would I go about writing in my script so that step two of the EE cannot be accessed until step one is completed?
394 days ago
trig = getEnt("nothing","targetname");

        trig waittill("trigger", player);
        weapon = player getcurrentweapon();
        if(weapon == "bowie")
            // do stuff
This is how you can do it in Cod World at War
 I shall give this a shot and let you know if it worked for bo3 (:
403 days ago
I don't know how it works in bo3 but I know how to do it in waw.

In code you have to get the trigger, when the trigger fires you have to check which weapon that player is holding. If it is the weaponName bowie knife you can let him do the rest of the code.
 Okay, what you are saying makes sense however my knowledge on how to write code isn't the greatest. What would a line of code look like that would "check  which weapon the player is holding"?
404 days ago
Hey guys!

Question is as the title says it. I was wondering how to write a line of script that makes it so you have to use only the bowie knife in order to enable a trigger damage? I am wanting the player to have to cut a chord in the map, but I want it so that only the bowie knife can cut the chord. Any help would be much appreciated!
406 days ago
Yo, Did you ever get this fixed?
Im guessing you have made sure you have checked the light tick box before rendering the map?

I was wondering because im having same/similer problem. The lights I made at first show up but then I have added some more and they dont show when i test my map and its annoying me and i dont want to have to start over cos of such a simple issue.
Hey! I thought I would respond to about this, I updated my post with the solution to my problem. Basically I had the sunbox set to default_day instead of zm_factory. The daylight was too bright for fire fx to show up so by switching it to zm_factory it turned it to night time, wich made it dark enough for the fire fx's light to actually appear. Hopefully this helps!
406 days ago


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