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Hello! I was windering how do I go about playing a sound in my level so that way it plays lovally on an object. Example: as I walk up to a generator I can hear that the generator is running.
74 days ago
Hello all!

I was wondering how would i go about coding an object so that it can not be seen in level initially but spawn in later after an easter egg step. My main question is how do I make an object spawn in the level through code at an origon of my choice or at the location of a script ...
89 days ago
I think there are problems moving structs because they don't have a body (Atleast I couldn't use them). However if you have an entity you are able to move it to a direction.

How to use MoveTo?
Wall = g...
95 days ago
Question for you all, how would I go about scripting something so that I can make it move from one script_struct to the next? I know there moveTo functions and such and I tried making them work using a script struct, but I could not get it to work. Anyone that can help me with this?
96 days ago
That's true, but the point is that 'self' can be anything, it's simply the variable/entity that called that function
 Hey guys! Really appreciate you guys clarifying that for me. It makes a lot...
112 days ago
Use this:
self disable_trigger();

wait 15; // counter

self enable_trigger();
 Thanks! I really appreciate you helping me out! Just curious, what does"self" exactly...
116 days ago


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