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Not tracking ammo so this will create a glitch that always refills your gun

Not checking if the gun swapping is the gun he has already

If using my perks that will breakvthe inventory
698 days ago
These functions will handle the weapon swap but you will need to do extra stuff to ensure that the player is actually trying to swap weapons with the AI

   Sets the Ai's primary weapon to the weapon passed
   <Required>: player- a player to swap weapons wit...
699 days ago
Set all the variables to sprint.

That does work but then becomes a waste of processing power since it will still be evaluating the random function but always having the same outcome. It would ...
699 days ago
It’s just a function

Ai setmodel( “modelname” );

Aitypes can be made in asset manager tho, doing so creates the file you found and copied

YES! You can obviously al...
703 days ago
I am talking about the KVPS...bro....

And plus...im not trying to offend anyone so sorry i don't know much about scripting or anything...god. I swear it feels like i can never ask for help...
703 days ago
I noticed its not possible to change there model in-game

You can actually change the model via script, that's all a character file does is sets the model. You just need to preCache...
704 days ago


"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live."


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