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It was a joke based on the fact that the game only moves when you do  :D

Well them, I shall add tanks! (Actually wanted to but had not enough time huehuehue)
901 days ago
Now for my criticism:
1) There is so much lag, like it literally goes one frame at a time. WTF?!

What do you mean by lag?
901 days ago
O hai there! If you still remember noob like me then you probably heard about "santa raus" for WaW which I made.
Now I'm back to the roots, the CoD4, and here's the latest work I've done.

[img width=770 height=433]
901 days ago
Why does the 2nd shot remind me of first level in Painkiller?   :accepted:
983 days ago
I used dvars + menu items to display the score values in WaW because the string limit was so easily overflowed, but since BO3 doesn't let us use menufiles I was forced to use HUD items. Fucking great.
983 days ago
This is something i've been playing for years. Id like to make a game like cod4/waw with a zombies like mode that is very customizable. I just need some programers and to make a kickstarter. Maybe next year.
1659 days ago


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