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I seen to be having a problem with eye glowing continuing after death. I followed the tutorial foudn here: 

Here is the...
67 days ago
I think I see the problem.
Go to maps/house.gsc and scroll down to line 122.
There you will see this:
I think that should be placed under this:
67 days ago
All of my scripts that use flag_wait have: 
#include common_scripts\utility;
It shouldn't be happening on a new script placer map.
That error comes from using a command like
67 days ago
Try to run it without developer
 I have seen the same suggestion on other posts, but I don't really think that fixes that problem (more like just ignoring it). If possible I would really like to find out what i...
67 days ago
I am getting a weird error message in my console after I build my map.

[spoiler=Console Text]******* script runtime error *******
undefined is not an array, string, or vector: (file 'common_scripts/utility.gsc', line 463)
  while( !level.flag )
68 days ago
I recently got a new pc and I was wondering how to transfer one specific map, so that I can continue developing the map,  of mine to my new pc. I don't now which files I need to transfer or what dependancies my map might have. On a side note I would also like to know how...
68 days ago


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