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Anyone interested in linking up and playing this mod together? Been having lots of fun with it

I also updated the Survival Guide to include extra tips on completing challenges and the special zombies!
598 days ago
Hi everyone, I've been working on an in-depth guide to this mod with input from OP (NikolaiLikesVodka), and wanted to share it with you! This guide discusses tier lists that rank every gun and perk available in the mod, and how viable they are. And also various advice and tips for guns, perks an...
617 days ago
didn't expect the next update soon, nice! Downloading it now and will try tomorrow. Sad to hear this'll be the last one though, do you have any ideas what will be next for you and your team?
620 days ago
Appreciate your feedback!, yes the idea was to make getting to the 30's a struggle. Look on the brightside you got quad damage on double tap and deadshot with a headshot multiplier. The Scrake has been nerfed an...
622 days ago
Hi! Awesome mod, kudos to everyone who worked on this. I've played BO1 zombies to death, and this mod really brings some fresh air to the game. After several playthroughs, I don't think I've gotten close to trying out all the new guns. The quality-of-life changes are great (max ammo, mul...
623 days ago
Wow even the Ray Gun Mark III, I had no idea that would be possible. Great stuff! I had some questions:

1) Are there any in-game prerequisites for unlocking the wonder weapons, or are they all immediately available from the Mystery Box?

2) Going off that, can we toggle what wea...
1176 days ago


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