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Anyone interested in linking up and playing this mod together? Been having lots of fun with it

I also updated the Survival Guide to include extra tips on completing challenges and the special zombies!
739 days ago
Hi everyone, I've been working on an in-depth guide to this mod with input from OP (NikolaiLikesVodka), and wanted to share it with you! This guide discusses tier lists that rank every gun and perk available in the mod, and how viable they are. And also various advice and tips for guns, perks and their locations in every map, and power-ups since this mod is significantly more difficult than the typical vanilla Black Ops Zombies experienece. It also has statistics for every gun if you were curious, and general advice for progressing through the rounds and completing the endgame challenges. Hope you like it!

The guide is not set in stone, and is still subject to changes! Any feedback is welcome
759 days ago
didn't expect the next update soon, nice! Downloading it now and will try tomorrow. Sad to hear this'll be the last one though, do you have any ideas what will be next for you and your team?
762 days ago
Appreciate your feedback!, yes the idea was to make getting to the 30's a struggle. Look on the brightside you got quad damage on double tap and deadshot with a headshot multiplier. The Scrake has been nerfed and the changes will appear in the next update, if you scroll up in the comments I mentioned that his melee damage and health reduction will appear in the next update. For your concern on the explosive dogs this was countered with purchasing PHD Flopper (You can take up to 4 explosions directly), also the key to surviving them is to keep your distance when shooting the explosive ones even on Nacht you can do it). For the game "Crash" we are looking into it I mentioned before and in the Read Me file that you can counter the black screen by opening the developer console and typing /map_restart....... There is no glitched weapon and I haven't encountered that crash on my end except when I was playing a game with a friend of mine but I had a different version of the mod. We are trying to look into the black screen issue but I'm afraid it's been plauging the mod for over half a year now, but until then refer to the known bugs tab on the mod page and the read me. Thanks
 I totally forgot about Deadshot I'm so used to ignoring it lol. I think it was a great balance choice to buff Deadshot, PHD, and Quick Revive to be more viable perks. Same with Mule Kick (I never used it before because losing your 3rd gun was painful). Also glad that zombies spawn faster because the early rounds were always a slog. So yeah, great ideas all over with this mod.

Explosive hounds are a bit of a pain, but definitely manageable. I actually have to be cautious on dog rounds, so that's nice. 

I was playing more today (solo and co-op) and I'm still having the Mystery Box crashing the game. I've had it happen at rounds 12, 16, and 25 (can't find a consistent pattern), and it's occured on Kino, Five, and Moon. I usually hit the box at the end of the round, with 1 crawler zombie, and literally nothing else going on in the game. But as soon as I roll the box a number of times (around 6 times?), that's when the crash occurs. If literally no one else is getting this issue, I could try reinstalling the game or mod.

I'm sure working on the mod isn't easy, so I can forgive a few black screens especially since BO1 loads pretty fast (unlike BO3...), I'm looking forward to future updates, and thanks again for sharing!
764 days ago
Hi! Awesome mod, kudos to everyone who worked on this. I've played BO1 zombies to death, and this mod really brings some fresh air to the game. After several playthroughs, I don't think I've gotten close to trying out all the new guns. The quality-of-life changes are great (max ammo, multiple people buying the same perk, etc.). And the difficulty increase from the spawn rates and new enemies really makes the game interesting. I've been struggling to get past round 30, where before it was a cake walk.

Suggestions:My only suggestions are to nerf the Scrake or whatever miniboss appears on Der Reise, it seems he deals high damage AND has a ton of health (took a few magazines from a PaP'd gun on the low 10's... seems a bit much. Either lower his damage or health perhaps?)

And also explosive dogs... yikes. I have 0 problems with the other hellhound variants, but if you get caught by an explosion without Juggernog, you're basically dead. (If the explosion doesn't do it, then being stunned and immediately swarmed by other dogs will kill you.) There's not room for error with them which can be a bit unforgiving. I would suggest to either lower the explosion damage, or remove the stun effect?

Bug Reports:Is there anything that can be done about the game crashing/freezing at the loading screen? When playing co-op, the game soft-crashes about 7/10 times at the loading screen. The mod itself is great, but the stability really brings it down. If not the loading screen, then in-game I've had crashes several times from using the Mystery Box. Is there a glitched weapon or something?

So overall, great quality mod you guys have made. Brings fresh air and new challenges to BO1 zombies, something us long-time players can appreciate and enjoy. Some enemy balances could be used, but the game's stability is a prominent issue. I'm looking forward to bug fixes and possibly more game features being added in the future!
765 days ago
Wow even the Ray Gun Mark III, I had no idea that would be possible. Great stuff! I had some questions:

1) Are there any in-game prerequisites for unlocking the wonder weapons, or are they all immediately available from the Mystery Box?

2) Going off that, can we toggle what weapons are available? With all the awesome (wonder) weapons, I feel like you'd only need to cycle the Mystery Box once or twice to be set for the entire game, lol.

2) Are you still accepting beta testers? I would love to help contribute to this project in anyway possible.
1317 days ago
Final release will support all maps in Black Ops 1 :)

Oh lordy, I think this just became the best BO1 zombies mod.

And the Apothicon's Servant is looking great, I'm even more excited for this now!
1345 days ago
Oh wait, are these weapons only for Kino Der Toten, or all the maps?
1346 days ago
Mod's looking great so far, can't wait to try it! New weapons always breathe fresh air into maps
1374 days ago
Hi, I was checking out this mod for BO1 Shi No Numa:,10879.0.html
Which allows you to change zombie running speeds, for example having fast sprinters on round 1.

I modified zombiemode.gsc to include this:
        level.scr_anim["zombie"]["sprint1"] = %ai_zombie_fast_sprint_01;
level.scr_anim["zombie"]["sprint2"] = %ai_zombie_fast_sprint_02;
level.scr_anim["zombie"]["sprint3"] = %ai_zombie_fast_sprint_01;
level.scr_anim["zombie"]["sprint4"] = %ai_zombie_fast_sprint_02;

But it seems the sprinting animation needs to be ported into the other maps. Would anyone happen to know how to do this, or just implement the zombie sprinting feature into other maps?
1404 days ago
Is it possible to implement the Verruckt sprinting zombies into other maps? This is definitely my favorite feature of the mod and really makes the game scary/intense.
1407 days ago


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