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In all honesty I have found myself enjoying watching Exo Zombies these past few days, I thought it was going to be a shitty ripoff of Treyarch zombies but to my surprise they started off pretty good with their first map (BTW the easter egg they put in was such a fucking let down and so obviously rushed) - keeping the core elements that make zombies fun with some added perks (exo suits). I am still a little but hurt that they had to straight up steal zombies from treyarch to boost there sales (yes I know activision owns the rights to zombies and any of their studios are allowed to use the material) but still it would have been nice to see the studio come up with an original and fun secondary game mode, even tho Cod:Ghosts tried and failed, but I digress. So I hope you guys enjoy this poster I whipped up this morning!
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Well Exo Zombies is being made apparently by Raven Software and they've made the COD Online zombies and they have made a few maps in Black Ops 1 not sure if zombie maps but they were rumored to have had some responsibility in making zombies. So I have hope now if it was originally Sledgehammer being responsible for this mode it would have sucked probably. I'll probably try it out on PS4 when the DLC hits since I have no plans on buying it on PC which already has a low enough player count.
:) Awesome poster by the way man!



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