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Play Custom Zombies

Easy download & install of quality World at War Zombie maps with the UGX Map Manager.

Or take a look at our forum for more maps, including work in progress and beta maps:

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UGX News


Merry Christmas 2020

broken avatar :(
by Delta
2 years ago (December 25, 2020, 08:08:04 am)
Views: 892
Comments: 0
Ho! Ho! Ho! - Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

We hope you all have a great time and wish you some great winter holidays. :snowman:
This christmas might be a bit different, so keep your social distance and rather kill some undead on a winter themed custom zombie map :zombie_walking:

Stay safe and healthy!

UGX-Mods Team

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UGX Mod (WaW & BO3) Status Update + public source code

broken avatar :(
by treminaor
2 years ago (June 14, 2020, 08:10:28 am)
Views: 8,423
Comments: 2
Hi everyone - it's been a long, long time. The last time I published an announcement on UGX-Mods was nearly 3 years ago in late 2017.

Since 2017 I have:
  • Started a family - my son will be 2 years old this year.
  • Started a full time programming job
  • Finished my university degree - Bachelor's of Computer Science
There really wasn't any time in that for hobbies anymore. In fact there wasn't even time to play games or be active in the community anymore.

One of the things which got left behind was our first BO3 modding project - UGX Mod BO3. It has been in the same broken alpha state since
late 2016.. 4 years ago.

I would have guessed people moved on by now and didn't care, but I still get notifications every month from comments asking if we will fix the
bugs with this mod. This is truely remarkable to me and I really did not expect a continued demand for the mod, especially 4 years later.
Unfortunately for me, my schedule is still way too busy and I don't have the free time (or motiviation) to fix whatever is wrong.

In light of this, UGX have made the decision to open-source UGX Mod WaW and BO3 so that anyone
who has the skills can not only fix whatever bugs are present in the current alpha release, but also
make any improvements or changes they want to the mod. You can find the source code on GitHub:

The repo is the uncompiled version of the mod which should allow you to compile it yourself if set up properly.
Please let me know if there are any issues with the repo. If you fix any bugs plea...

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Happy New Year 2020

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by Delta
2 years ago (January 01, 2020, 11:21:05 am)
Views: 9,948
Comments: 0

We wish everyone a Happy New Year 2020:fireworks:

2019 bye bye

There is not much to mention from UGX-Mods in 2019.
Improvements were made to the site, but we were pretty much silent.

The anticipated goal of the UGX Launcher release was also not possible :(

Upcoming changes

There will be soon an announcement about major changes to UGX-Mods.
We are preparing the final steps and we assume mixed reactions, but we want to continue UGX and need your help.

This means changes to some systems, new monetization options and hopefully some new project releases (or announcements).



We are getting small boosts of activity, thanks to some fine modders who keep pushing the limits in CoD modding.

Thank You

Thanks to all who sticked with us in 2019. We appreciate your support and community love.
Let's continue in 2020 and bring back the good old times :))<3

:ugxmods: UGX-Mods Team

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