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UGX-Mods Donations

We Appreciate Your Support

What we would use your donation for:

  • Help to pay for our web hosting
  • Help to pay for other licenses needed to create content
  • Help to cover the costs of using a high-speed file server for our downloads
  • Help to pay for any outsourced graphics / expertise needed for projects
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What are the benefits of being a donor?

  • No advertisements on UGX-Mods Websites [*]
  • UGX-Mods Beta Program: Early Access to UGX-Mods projects
  • Special Donator group and other exclusive contents
  • A lot of love from the whole community <3
Learn more about the donor benefits
Donation money will not be used for anything else and will just go into a 'pot' which we will withdraw from when appropriate.
We appreciate anyone willing to donate, and offer our utmost thanks to anyone and everyone who can contribute.

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Donation goal and information of 2023

Donations of 2023

Many thanks to those who have donated this period.
Name Donation Amount Received USD Date
Space Kracken$5.00 USD$4.55 USD23 April
AveSatanna$5.00 USD$4.48 USD11 March
AveSatanna$5.00 USD$4.48 USD26 February
123aku$5.00 USD$4.48 USD16 February
masterxblaster$5.00 USD$4.55 USD13 February
masterxblaster$10.00 USD$9.41 USD05 February
Whit3_b0i$5.00 USD$4.55 USD01 February
8BitLegend$5.00 USD$4.55 USD01 February
Anonymous$5.00 USD$4.55 USD30 January
Lukkie1998$10.00 USD$9.26 USD17 January
MoparLover$5.00 USD$4.55 USD07 January
IsASkinwalker$5.00 USD$4.55 USD01 January
Anonymous$5.00 USD$4.55 USD01 January
Tenth$10.00 USD$9.41 USD14 December
Hynix$5.00 USD$4.48 USD24 November
Gamefreak2ful$5.00 USD$4.48 USD06 November
DrHouse1$5.00 USD$4.48 USD10 October
Its Jinxie$5.00 USD$4.55 USD23 September
Smurf5544$5.00 USD$4.55 USD23 September
joran$5.00 USD$4.48 USD17 September
Anonymous$5.00 USD$4.48 USD06 September
klevi$5.00 USD$4.48 USD23 August
LuckyBeck$5.00 USD$4.48 USD09 August
Daniel_Bo1992$5.00 USD$4.55 USD06 August
Anonymous$5.00 USD$4.55 USD28 July
cpt_johnson1$10.00 USD$9.41 USD19 July
RickBest_46$5.00 USD$4.48 USD31 May
joww4l$5.00 USD$4.55 USD11 May
Anonymous$5.00 USD$4.48 USD07 May
EinsameDachlatte$5.00 USD$4.48 USD28 April
mikez2310$5.00 USD$4.48 USD28 April
Texas769$5.00 USD$4.55 USD14 April
MattGJMcCann$5.00 USD$4.48 USD12 April
DuctTape$5.00 USD$4.48 USD24 March
Fire Level One$5.00 USD$4.55 USD20 March
IRON_SOULS$5.00 USD$4.48 USD17 March
Anonymous$105.79 USD$105.79 USD11 March
Wipez$5.00 USD$4.48 USD08 March
sjekx$5.00 USD$4.48 USD21 February
WatchersGrim$10.00 USD$9.41 USD20 October
Rare10124$25.00 USD$23.97 USD11 August
ShadowingSlayer$5.00 USD$4.55 USD04 July
OGElykson343$5.00 USD$4.55 USD05 May
cadurling$10.00 USD$9.26 USD04 May
Laerositus$5.00 USD$4.48 USD02 May
McTadger$5.00 USD$4.48 USD21 March
basher6193$5.00 USD$4.55 USD17 March
TheDeViLofStyLe$5.00 USD$4.48 USD16 January
Anonymous$20.00 USD$18.82 USD06 January
HDD$10.00 USD$9.41 USD18 November
Luis7381$10.00 USD$9.26 USD12 October
Benito1020$5.00 USD$4.48 USD16 September
SBRAPTORS$5.00 USD$4.55 USD04 August
Silent Scope$5.00 USD$4.55 USD18 May
zaraki_kenpachi$5.00 USD$4.55 USD11 May
Archaicvirus$10.00 USD$9.41 USD25 April
Archaicvirus$10.00 USD$9.41 USD25 April
SurReal Vizion$5.00 USD$4.55 USD17 April
PlutoBro$5.00 USD$4.48 USD11 April
SurRealVizion$5.00 USD$4.55 USD08 April
Tac$5.00 USD$4.55 USD08 April
SilentScope$5.00 USD$4.55 USD07 April
txuset10$10.00 USD$9.31 USD07 March
Kyomu115$5.00 USD$4.55 USD14 February
BANBILLO$5.00 USD$4.5 USD19 January
Kyomu115$1.00 USD$0.67 USD01 January
zombiekiller0986$7.00 USD$6.43 USD28 December
Anonymous$5.00 USD$4.5 USD02 November
Delta$5.00 USD$4.5 USD02 November
Ryko84$5.00 USD$4.5 USD31 October
kaizokuroof$5.00 USD$4.5 USD30 October
xRyPeRz_YT$5.00 USD$4.5 USD24 October
krossbloom$10.00 USD$9.41 USD12 October
jerri13$0.77 USD$0.45 USD09 October
IDontEvenKnow$10.00 USD$9.31 USD01 October
MattGJMcCann$1.57 USD$1.21 USD08 September
wiesi12$5.00 USD$4.5 USD03 September
SeawolfManiac$5.00 USD$4.55 USD27 August
SouLxInsanityx$5.00 USD$4.55 USD26 August
Anonymous$0.15 USD$0.15 USD22 August
Sylvacre$5.00 USD$4.55 USD06 August
osama6988$5.00 USD$4.55 USD02 August
carlossoto30$5.00 USD$4.55 USD30 July
poliorcete$7.00 USD$6.43 USD29 July
tim3cri8i8$25.00 USD$23.72 USD15 July
Nikita$5.00 USD$4.5 USD09 July
OhhReplays$5.00 USD$4.55 USD06 July
jombersson$5.00 USD$4.5 USD06 July
TheLapper96$5.00 USD$4.5 USD30 June
Taven$5.00 USD$4.55 USD28 June
kostakisgamerA$0.10 USD$0.10 USD26 June
ZombieKiller98$5.00 USD$4.5 USD26 June
WigglyWorm$13.37 USD$12.55 USD25 June
Theasassinzz$11.50 USD$10.87 USD20 June
Derpface$5.00 USD$4.5 USD17 June
oshawat750$5.00 USD$4.55 USD15 June
TritanHD$25.00 USD$23.72 USD12 June
ToxicSlays$5.00 USD$4.55 USD11 June
Nolytick$1.00 USD$0.66 USD09 June
ColonelFedora$4.72 USD$4.28 USD27 May

Coming Soon!

We want to give YOU more transparent information about our financial situation. Soon!

Donor Benefits

Enjoy an Ad-free experience

All websites won't display ads.[*]

Donator Group

Show others that you donated to UGX-Mods and receive the <3

Donor Exclusive Emotes

As a donor your get access to special emots, like: :deal_with_it_parrot::shuffle_party_parrot::shuffle_further_parrot::ship_it_parrot::sad_parrot::love_parrot::gentleman_parrot::fiesta_parrot:

Access to UGX-Mods Beta Program

Get Early Access to new products, features and improvements.

Early Access to UGX Launcher

Get early access to the brand new UGX Launcher.
More Information

Donor Exclusive Color schemes

As a donor you can select different color schemes of our site. This was a requested feature by donors.
Available color schemes:
  • Blue (default) - UGX-Mods Corporate Design
  • Red - UGX-Mods old colors
  • Yellow - SO BRIGHT !!!
  • Green - for the environment!
  • Orange - not the fruit!
  • Purple - Fabulous, hu?
  • Cyan - fancy!
  • Black - lights off!
The Call of Duty 5: World at War Mod Tools are property of Activision, and per the official license agreement all content created therein is the intellectual property of Activision.
Donations received by UGX-Mods are not in any way related to Activision or the Call of Duty franchise and are not in exchange for any property which UGX-Mods does not own.

* while donor status is still active, no ads are displayed.
** The reason for this is because after currency conversion and PayPal fees, small amounts of money pretty much amount to zero;
we value your support, and it would be a shame if your donation was almost totally wasted!
Donor status can be terminated at any time due to financial reasons, business changes or other major UGX events at our discretion. No refunds will be given.

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