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You should be able to do almost everything in blender with codwaw import/export by codemanX.
Make sure images dont have an alpha layer(transparency).
Precache model.
Include model in csv.
Include images in mod folder.
Update weapon file in mod folder/csv.
Use 3rd person...
8 days ago
Does a new script placer map without any edits or custom stuff work?
9 days ago
2 materials 1 texture.
You can separate the trunk from the canopy/branches/leaves in maya and make another gdt model_phong material for the trunk/bark but still reference the same texture file as the leaves.
13 days ago
If the grass and tree models i sent worked you could try duplicating my gdt entry with the copy/paste/duplicate buttons in asset manager.
In radiant the tree leaves usually are multicolored like the stock trees but ingame they will look normal.
If they are script_models they probably recei...
14 days ago
Convert materials then models, add images from raw images to mods/mapname/images
In mapname.gsc add dvars above or below zombiemode::main();

16 days ago
After changing the material to dynamic foliage or tree canopy the models need to be reconverted, it should print "dynamic normals generated" or something like that when converted.
If that doesn't work you might need to delete and remake the gdt material entry if the original mate...
17 days ago


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