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radiant program help (windows floating not pinned)

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Created 1 month ago
by iBarnett
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So this is a question for radiant black.
I have mapped back in the day and have a pretty solid idea about how radiant works. though most of my time mapping was within waw radiant
I have watched many tut vids on basic radiant functions as a refresh.
So my Noob question is when I go to move a window say like (camera view) or (xy top) to a different screen position within radiant it just unpins it and makes it a floating window.
In ugx jbirds youtube video he just clicks and drags them to where he pleases to make radiant black look more like waw radiant.
Mine sadly doesnt do this. I cant reposition any windows with radiant.
Im on a brand new Lenovo legion 7i Gen 6 running windows 11 <---(maybe the issue)  picture shows window not snapping to a new location  picture shows window floating and not pinned within radiant
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