Can\'t connect to online server after win10 anniversary update

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Created 1414 days ago
by cadurling
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hey guys, hoping someone can help me out getting this sorted.  Ever since I installed the Windows 10 Anniversary update 2 days ago, I've been getting constant disconnects.  Sometimes when starting waw it will start fine , then 5 minutes later it will say I'm offline.  I'll try to go online, then it says couldn't connect to online service.  Then if I restart my game and try to connect sometimes it will connect fine other times it says it can't connect.  It seems once online and in-game however it will stay connected and I can finish a full game without disconnecting.  This problem only occurs in waw, all other games and web browsing, downloading, etc is unaffected. I've reinstalled my network adapter driver from realtek and my motherboards website, but same problem persists.  I've also run the file integrity check of waw through Steam, still the problem persists.  Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?  Or what things I can try to get my game working again?  Reinstall is a last resort, I have over 400 mods that are symbolic linked and really don't want to mess around with that again.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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Seems to be sorted.  I ran the integrity check and and the problem hasn't returned for the last 4-5 hours.
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