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Thanks for the map and dropping by the stream.  I had to go after we finished round 42.
33 days ago
Thx for the reply, I'll have to give it another go then.
57 days ago
Cool looking map.  I gave it a go, previously you said some of the ee steps would work, but I couldn't find which ones actually work.  The Activate power for pap I couldn't find switch 4.  I found 2 meteors, but I don't think there were more.  I found 3 peices to the picture, but couldn't find the 4th.  Ans I have no idea how to turn on power.  I'll look a little more, but as far as I can tell none of the ee's work.  Also you have screens of a coloseum, but I'm guess those aren't accessable either?  Anyways the map looks great, keep up the good work.

68 days ago
This is a box map and  623MB?  Is this a joke? 
91 days ago
How to download it?
 You're in the wip section.
107 days ago
Thanks for the update.  We were able to get the buyable ending.
462 days ago
Game 1 zombies spawned super slow when someone went down near end game.  Game 2 near the phd I got stuck in window while fixing barrier.   Great looking map, but glitches ruin the map.
470 days ago
Thanks for the heads up, but I downloaded the file and ran a scan with malwarebytes and windows defender (both are able to detect idle buddy virus) nothing was found in file  If you have other evidence to this please share, but as far as I see there is no problem with the file.

PS: You also posted in wrong section. 
755 days ago
Map is very glitchy.  I tried playing with 3 players and it is unplayable. 

1) 1 player spawns in stuck in the floor.

2) Game freezes randomly for like 4 seconds at a time.

3) 2 players could buy the wall gun 3rd player couldn't.

After that just gave up. 
793 days ago
I use the teleporter, and it only takes me to Pack a Punch, and there's nothing else to do in that room.

When you tele to pap the first time it should start the Samantha hide and seek.  Find the 5 Samatha's then take the tele and it should take you to skull island.
843 days ago
No not the skull island step.  That soul box worked, although only 1 of us teleported to the island.  The orb I'm talking about is the one that you knife off the table and it floats around the teleporter going to pap, requires 60 souls.  The 60 number never went down, we thought the counter might just be glitched, but after 5 rounds the orb still didn't finish filling, so we just gave up.  Anyways cool map I'll give it another go later and see if it was just an unlucky game.
848 days ago
So I played the map again with a friend and the game glitched on filling the orb with souls.  Solo it worked no problem but playing with 2 players no souls would go in the orb.  I know you said you stopped working on the map, but just curious if this happened to anyone else?
848 days ago
Pretty good map.  Only question is why did you name it "The One Window"?  I only noticed the map now, since I just passed it over because of the name.
850 days ago
What speeds do people get downloading from Mediafire?  I only get around 220KB/s, probably because I'm in Korea.  Mega is better but still only around 1MB/s.  Google Drive is by far the best with around 20MB/s download speed.  Anyways I decided to upload the map to my google drive so here is a link that I will keep up for at least the next couple of years.

852 days ago
some are complaining about the step crashing the game, I can't even find it

You gotta go to pap area and launch the little spaceships.  After that find them flying around the map and fill them with souls.  Once they are all filled go over to the tele to pap and start the Simon Says, game crash happens then.
855 days ago


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