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Thanks for the update.  We were able to get the buyable ending.
33 days ago
Game 1 zombies spawned super slow when someone went down near end game.  Game 2 near the phd I got stuck in window while fixing barrier.   Great looking map, but glitches ruin the map.
42 days ago
Thanks for the heads up, but I downloaded the file and ran a scan with malwarebytes and windows defender (both are able to detect idle buddy virus) nothing was found in file ...
326 days ago
Map is very glitchy.  I tried playing with 3 players and it is unplayable. 

1) 1 player spawns in stuck in the floor.

2) Game freezes randomly for like 4 seconds at a time.

3) 2 players could buy the wall gun 3rd player couldn't.

After that...
365 days ago
I use the teleporter, and it only takes me to Pack a Punch, and there's nothing else to do in that room.

When you tele to pap the first time it should start the Samantha hide and seek.  F...
414 days ago
No not the skull island step.  That soul box worked, although only 1 of us teleported to the island.  The orb I'm talking about is the one that you knife off the table and it floats around the teleporter going to pap, requires 60 souls.  The 60 number never went down, we thought ...
419 days ago


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