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having trouble starting the map.
In console you have to enter devmap nai_zombies_dkong  
2 years ago
We talked about this awhile back.  Apparently you need to have amd hardware.
"Lightning — 08/09/2021
@YaF3li the north company custom map only works   on half the people that has amd hardware and other hardware doesn't work like on Intel and Nvidia"
3 years ago
I really love the difficulty of these map, haha I wish they could even be a little harder.   One main bug I've noticed with all/most of your maps is the pap drops.  I'm not sure if it's intentional or not but pap is always given to the host first, no matter who picks up the pap drop. ...
3 years ago
Nice looking map but ran into a prob of only being able to have one gun.
3 years ago
Map crashes on start, can't do anything to fix it. Turned specular map off and turned texture settings to high from ultra. Neither worked.
Map works fine, for t4m maps put texture to normal.
3 years ago
Great looking map, but can you get your versions sorted?  I have these downloads 1) ^2SpaceDoom V1.0.exe  2) SpaceDoom v1.1.exe  and 3) ^2SpaceDoom V1.1.2 Beta.exe.  I'd assume V1.1.2 is the latest?  if not please delete all the older downloads listed in the discription and only have a download ...
3 years ago
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