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Requirements for work-in-progress posts, PLEASE READ!

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Created 11 years ago
by W1NG3D
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To avoid spam and make this board a better place for all mappers, we've got a few basic minimum requirements for a WIP topic about your project:

  • You need to have started working on the map prior to making the thread. There has to be at least some feasible progress to show that this is actually a work in progress, and not just a map idea!
  • At least one screenshot and/or video must be included in the post. Pictures speak a thousand words, but in the case of mapping, they speak a million!
  • There should be a description of the map, demonstrating a brief outline of what the map will be like. A list of features is a good starting point, but a simple list of five very short sentences won't cut it. People want to know about your map and a few very basic words or sentences don't tell us anything.

To help give you an idea of what a good work-in-progress thread looks like, here is an example:

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