[Spoiler] S03E05 - "Say the Word"

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Following up the death of Lori, Rick was hit hard with sadness. I've never seen Rick use so much emotion before since he's supposed to be the strong leader, just trying to keep his people alive.

I'm personally not good with remembering names, but as soon as I see a face I know exactly what's going on with that character. So I'm just going to say, back in the "town" the party was an interesting event, as well as the "hunter girl" with the sword leaving and trying to explain that the town is not what it seems.
 I think it's good to have parties when there is almost no opportunity to do so in this setting. As for chaining up the zombies, I think that's really unnecessary but it does make the fight more intensifying for the audience.

The hunter girl leaving should have been a clear sign that something is seriously wrong with the town. Apparently the other girl has a personal reason for staying.

These are my thoughts about the episode and I hope to see other peoples opinions about it.
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