[Tutorial] Multiple Zombie Variants (Manual Editing)

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by ConvictioNDR
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Multiple Zombie Variants With Gibbing (Manual Editing of Files)
This can also be done using asset manager to create the files. I chose this way because I was able to learn more about how it works this way. Once you have an understanding of how this works, you could easily do it in asset manager or you can skip to asset manager right now and look at it. Your choice. Preference really.

Acquiring The Zombie Models (This is also the same process to get other models using Lime in the supported games except you change collision lod and not add hitbox model)
1. Download Lime if you don't already have it.
2. Run Black Ops 1 or 2 on the zombie map you want the zombie models from, and run lime. In Lime click load models and extract them.
3. Copy the generated GDT (found in the GDTs folder of where ever you put Lime) to the source_data folder of your game root folder.
4. Go to the model_export folder in your game root folder and create a new folder, naming it either BO1 or BO2, depending on which game you took the models from.
5. Copy the exported files (found in the exported folder of where ever you put Lime) into this folder that you just created.
6. Open the GDT in Asset Manager. On the left side click material, then convert all the materials.
7. Now click xmodel on the left side and in every xmodel except for the ones ending in spawn, find the box called hitBoxModel and paste this into it

Again, do this in EVERY xmodel except the ones ending in spawn. Then convert all the xmodels. Make sure to save.
*Note: I've been told you only have to add this to the head model but can't hurt to do it to all of them. That's how I did it on SOG.

Adding The Zombies To Your Map With Gibbing

1. Go to root\raw\character and find char_ger_honorguard_zombies.gsc and char_ger_honorguard_zombies.csv and copy them.
2. Go to root\mods\yourmap and create a new folder naming it character and then paste the two files in that folder.
3. Rename the files to be for your zombie. So for example char_bo2_nuketown_zombie_1.
4. Open both files in notepad or notepad++.
5. In the char_whatever_you_named_it.gsc, change this file to match yours. Leave this open as you will go back to it to when renaming your xmodelaliases. Rename the zombieheadalias to go with your characters. So if you are using zombies that use different heads, like hazmat and soldier zombies, you will need a head alias for each. ex: char_bo2_nuketown_hazmat_zombieheadalias and char_bo2_nuketown_soldier_zombieheadalias so if you are making the hazmat character file you would use the hazmat head alias.
6. Now change your char_whatever_you_named_it.csv to match everything in the .gsc.

1. Go to root\raw\xmodelalias and find char_ger_honorgd_bodyzalias.gsc and char_ger_honorgd_bodyzalias.csv and copy them.
2. Go to root\mods\yourmap and create a new folder naming it xmodelalias and paste the files there.
3. Rename them to be whatever you named the first xmodelalias in the main() function of your character.gsc


4. Open them in notepad. Open Tom's Xmodel Utils that can be downloaded the same place as Lime. Search for bo1 or bo2 depending on which game you got the zombies from as Lime will automatically add the prefix to the xmodel's when you export them. Find the full body zombie model for the zombie you are making the alias for and right click > copy name. Paste it into the gsc and delete the second one to look something like this and make sure the csv matches.


a[0] = "whatever your zombie model's name is";

return a;

5. Now you can copy the files you just edited and paste them again in your mods\yourmap\xmodelalias and rename them and do this for every xmodelalias set in your character.gsc
6. Now back in the character gsc and csv find all the precacheModel and change them to correspond with the models for your zombie if you haven't.
The behead, rarmspawn, larmspawn, rlegspawn, and llegspawn might be use the same as others; you might just have to experiment and see which ones work for your zombie.
7. For the head alias you can just do one for each type of zombie. ex: male/female or hazmat/soldier



    a[0] = "bo2_c_zom_dlc0_zom_haz_head_mask";

    a[1] = "bo2_c_zom_dlc0_zom_haz_head_mask_blueeyes";

    return a;

and just keep adding another a
  • for each head model then include all of them in the csv
1. Go to game root folder\raw\aitype and find axis_zombie_ger_ber_sshonor.gsc and axis_zombie_ger_ber_sshonor.csv. Copy them and back them up somewhere
2. Then open the original ones located in raw\aitype in notepad or notepad++. Whichever you prefer.
3. In the gsc edit the cases to be your character files for your zombies. You can add more cases for each of your zombies just make sure the number at the end of the switch line matches the number of cases. Remember the array starts on 0 so the number will be 1 more than you cases ends at.

switch( codescripts\character::get_random_character(2) )


    case 0:



    case 1:


then precache each of them just below that in the precache() function

4. Now change the csv to match. Leave the weapons.
5. Lastly go to your root\mods\yourmap and create and aitype folder and paste the now edited files in there.

Next copy the Character files and xmodelaliases to their respective folder in raw.

Last thing is to go to root\raw\images and find the images that belong to your zombies and copy them to your root\mods\yourmap\images folder. If you don't have an images folder then create one. You can find which images you need in xmodel utils by clicking model info at the bottom and using the little box that pops up.

Once finished with all this, check everything you just added in the mod builder tab of launcher and build the mod and compile your map. Launch the map and if done correctly you should have multiple zombie variations with gibbing that doesn't turn them into nazis again or the default girl model.

Looks complicated, but once you get the hang of it and understand it, it's not too bad.



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