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i fixed this. The problem was in the file "localization.txt"

where to get the missing files?

ERROR: xanim 'ai_zombie_quad_death_5' not found
ERROR: xanim 'ai_zombie_quad_attack_leap_loop' not found
ERROR: xanim 'ai_zombie_quad_attack_leap_attack' not found
ERROR: xanim 'ai_zombie_quad_attack_leap_loop_out' not found
ERROR: physics preset 'gib' not found
ERROR: Couldn't find material 'mtl_ballistic_knife'
ERROR: effect 'fx/misc/fx_zombie_cola_arsenal_on.efx' not found
ERROR: Couldn't find material 'specialty_extraprimaryweapon_zombies'
ERROR: effect 'fx/misc/fx_zombie_cola_staminup_on.efx' not found
Rip them from the game with wraith.
685 days ago

Trench Defense from the Dawnville Map Pack in World at War returns in Black Ops 1. Survive in a small trench line. Perks are earned via killstreaks. Upgrade your gun with headshots. Survive 20 rounds to unlock the game ending round or survive as long as you can/want. All of the BO1 guns you know and love, plus some custom guns. Those that played the map in WaW enjoyed it as a small challenge map. Ported it forward to BO1 to give more people a chance to play it.

To install just drag the contents of the zip folder into your Black Ops 1 mods folder and make sure you have game_mod installed

One known issue is some zombies will just stand at their spawn point. I tried for days to fix this but never found the reason it was happening. You can shoot them at their spawn, or wait for them to respawn.
689 days ago
no soul boxes or BO4 guns, 0/10
I'm waiting for Lime and Lemon to update to BO4, and then another 2 years until they're released publicly so I can extract the models and animations for the weapons.
818 days ago

Includes 4 maps. Asylum, the main map with all the features you'd expect in one of my WaW maps. 1st Room Challenge, just the Starting room of the map. Courtyard Survival, sorta like Town or Farm, but for this map. Asylum Defense, the return of my streaks defense mode updated to behave like it did in my BO3 version of the mode instead of how it did in Trench Defense in the Dawnville map pack.
The pack includes 8 game mode options and 2 more gameplay options.
Survival: Your Standard Survival mode.
Gun Game: Get a certain amount of kills to move on to the next gun. Go through every gun to win. Everyone knows this mode.
One in the Chamber Survival: Start the game with one bullet. For every kill, you get a bullet added to your magazine until your magazine is full. Make your shots count and survive for as long as you can.
Sharpshooter Survival: Every 1 minute 15 seconds (115) players are given a new random weapon. Survive as long as you can.
One in the Chamber Competitive: Same as the Survival version, except the first person to 250 Kills wins.
Sharpshooter Competitive: The same as the Survival version, except the first person to 350 kills wins.
Ragtime Mode: Solo only. Makes the game sepia and plays little piano music, like an old time film before they had sound so someone just played a piano in the theater.
The pack also introduces a new perk inspired by the One in the Chamber game mode, Cacheback. For every ZOMBIE killed it will add 2 BULLETS to the magazine of the equipped weapon. Notice ZOMBIE and BULLETS. It won't give you bullets for killing dogs or if you use a wonder weapon.
Originally started to pass time until I got my hands on the BO3 tools, I decided to go back and finish it up for release for anyone still playing World at War.

821 days ago
It's been awhile. I have no plans to work in BO3 in the near future, so I've decided to release some stuff for the community to use. Keep in mind, I'm not the best scripter.

Make a new .gsc file in the proper scripts folder for your mod or map, and paste all of this into it.
Name it whatever you want, or give it it's own namespace. Whatever you want to do. I named the script one_in_the_chamber because I'm creative.
//read comments for helpful tips
//Spawns players with a random weapon each game for one in the chamber

#using scripts\shared\array_shared;
#using scripts\shared\util_shared;
#using scripts\shared\callbacks_shared;
#using scripts\codescripts\struct;

function main()
    thread no_weapons();
function no_weapons() //this function disables wall buys. You have to disable magic box and pack a punch separately.
level.func_override_wallbuy_prompt = &nothing_func;

function nothing_func()
self.stub.hint_string = "";
self.stub.cursor_hint = "HINT_NOICON";
function onPlayerDisconnect()
    self waittill( "disconnect" );
function oic_start()
    self thread onPlayerDisconnect();
    self endon("death");
    self endon("disconnect");
    wait 0.05;
    self give_oic_weapon();
    self thread kill_watcher();
function give_oic_weapon()
    self endon("death");
    self endon("disconnect");
    wait 0.05;
weapons = []; //weapons array, follow the pattern to add more weapon options
weapons[0] = "sniper_powerbolt";
weapons[1] = "shotgun_precision";
weapons[2] = "launcher_standard";
weapons[3] = "sniper_fastsemi";
weapons[4] = "sniper_fastbolt";

oic_weap = weapons[randomIntRange(0,5)]; //set the 2nd number to 1 higher than the last number in your weapons array
    self TakeAllWeapons();
weap = getweapon(oic_weap);
self giveweapon(weap);
self setWeaponAmmoClip(weap, 1);
self setWeaponAmmoStock(weap, 0);
self switchToWeapon(weap);
stabby = GetWeapon( "knife" );
self GiveWeapon( stabby );
function kill_watcher()
    self endon("death");
    self endon("disconnect");

        self waittill("zom_kill");
        weapon = self getcurrentweapon();
ammo_clip = self getWeaponAmmoClip(weapon);
self setWeaponAmmoClip(weapon, ammo_clip + 1);
self setWeaponAmmoStock(weapon, 0); //this part stops there from ever being more ammo than what is in the magazine aka no stock ammo, only clip ammo

Now need to make it so the max ammo powerup will fill up the clip ammo, not the stock ammo. Copy _zm_powerup_full_ammo.gsc to the proper scripts folder.
players[i] GiveMaxAmmo( primary_weapons[x] );
Comment that line out then add this line right after it
players[i] SetWeaponAmmoClip( primary_weapons[x], 125 );
So it looks like
if ( players[i] HasWeapon( primary_weapons[x] ) )
//players[i] GiveMaxAmmo( primary_weapons[x] );
players[i] SetWeaponAmmoClip( primary_weapons[x], 125 );
Then need to disable the magic box. I did the lazy way of just commenting out some stuff. Maybe someone knows a better way by now.
Copy _zm_magicbox.gsc to the proper scripts folder.
Open it and find
if ( zm_utility::is_Classic() )
Just comment that whole if statement out so it looks like
	//if ( zm_utility::is_Classic() )
//level.chests = struct::get_array( "treasure_chest_use", "targetname" );
//treasure_chest_init( level.start_chest_name );
Then firesale obviously is useless without mystery boxes so I made it so firesale gives a new weapon to the players with max ammo.
Copy _zm_powerup_fire_sale.gsc to the proper scripts folder then open it and somewhere at the top add
#using scripts\zm\one_in_the_chamber;
If you named your script something different then you need to change the one_in_the_chamber part to whatever it is or use the namespace you gave it.
Then still in firesale script find
function grab_fire_sale( player )
Replace that entire function with
function grab_fire_sale( player )
players = getplayers();
foreach (player in players)
player one_in_the_chamber::give_oic_weapon();
wait 0.5;
player thread more_ammo();
//level thread start_fire_sale( self );
//player thread zm_powerups::powerup_vo("firesale");
function more_ammo() //gives the player full ammo for new gun
weapon = self getcurrentweapon();
ammo_clip = self getWeaponAmmoClip(weapon);
self setWeaponAmmoClip(weapon, ammo_clip + 125);
self setWeaponAmmoStock(weapon, 0);
The minigun powerup. If they pick up the minigun powerup and kill a zombie it will give them one bullet for the minigun and screw things up, so I just made it so minigun powerup gives more ammo.
So copy _zm_powerup_weapon_minigun.gsc to the proper scripts folder. Open it and find...
function grab_minigun( player )
and replace that function with
function grab_minigun( player )
level thread give_bullets( player );
//level thread minigun_weapon_powerup( player );
player thread zm_powerups::powerup_vo( "minigun" );

if( IsDefined( level._grab_minigun ) )
level thread [[ level._grab_minigun ]]( player );

function give_bullets( ent_player )
weapon = ent_player getcurrentweapon();
ammo_clip = ent_player getWeaponAmmoClip(weapon);
ent_player setWeaponAmmoClip(weapon, ammo_clip + 5); //change to amount of bullets you want to give
ent_player setWeaponAmmoStock(weapon, 0);
So it's just giving 5 bullets instead of full clip.

Okay, finally. The pack a punch machine. I didn't want it active in my version cuz the guns are already strong, then pack a punching would make the game go forever. So, once again; I went the lazy quick route of commenting stuff out. Someone probably found a better way to deactivate pack a punch by now.
Copy _zm_pack_a_punch.gsc to the proper scripts folder and open it and find...
I just commented every line that had use_trigger in it.

Don't forget to call your script somewhere for your map or mod. Since I did a mod, I called the script in my magicbox script. So the using...
//one in the chamber
#using scripts\zm\one_in_the_chamber;
Then call the script in a function somewhere that will call it before the players spawn. I did it at the end of function __init__() in _zm_magicbox.gsc

I believe that's everything. I deleted the BO3 tools awhile ago so can't really test the tutorial on my own or really support the tutorial any further. I'm sure some brilliant scripter in the community could make a better script and tutorial but here's this decent one I wrote, now for anyone to use.

Oh, I guess for anyone that wants to see how the mode plays
908 days ago
How does one get the staff dude? amazing map by the way, just got raged till i found gnome the builder  :D
For the last part, you need to think exo zombies carrier. Specifically the weapon disposal machine.
^You can search that on YouTube if you're unfamiliar with exo zombies.
1458 days ago
I really want to do the easter egg, i got the staff and the crystal for it but couldn't build it, dose it require a third piece? awesome map nice and crisp. good job dude!!!!
Yes, 3 parts.
1490 days ago

Every 1 minute 15 seconds, players are given a random weapon. First to 250 kills wins. Works on all maps.
Install instructions are in the download.

1495 days ago
This is easily one of the most difficult custom zombie maps out there. It's refreshing to have a challenge. They're all massively open spaces with tons of OP weapons.. But this.. This is even more difficult than Verrukt
That was the goal with this one. I wanted to go back to when zombies was a challenge and not the 3 hit no jug easy zombies we have today.
this isn't based on the Dawnville map from the first CoD, is it?
1498 days ago
In addition to my previous post, I completed all challenges, all soulboxes, found the 4 teddy's and 3 gnomes but couldn't find the last part to the table weapon (don't want to give it away). Gonna take a guess and say the last part is to do with the keys ? Managed to find 2/3 keys but couldn't find any after that.
For the last part, you need to think exo zombies carrier. Specifically the weapon disposal machine.
1498 days ago
Updated download to R1.1:
Small changes, but the first one was possibly causing frustration to some people, so I felt it was important enough for an update.
- Makes where to go to get to the other side of the map extremely obvious. Consult an eye doctor if you still can't figure it out.
- Fixed a crash when buying a perk while being revived in solo. Thanks to MakeCents for pointing me in the right direction on that one.
1499 days ago
I found the tank Gnome and the Gnome under the little broken wall, where is the other one!!!!!!!!!!!
Have you found Gnome the builder?
If gnome the builder doesn't give it away, I don't know what will.
1502 days ago
have only found 3 teddy bears and 2 gnomes
Same here. Cant find the last gnome
Have you found Gnome the builder?
Or maybe you are missing comrade Gnome? He's a destructive one. Like's to make things go boom.
1504 days ago

Gun game on Der Riese using COD2 weapons. You can toggle Verrukt sprinters on if you'd like. Average solo game is probably 15 minutes.
Credit DiduKnowiPwn for the gun game script.

WaW sounds cuz of sound limit. 18 guns because of FX limit. I'm aware of t4m. Just haven't gotten around to making a t4m version and I don't know if I ever will. Yes, I know the hands are messed up when you buy a perk.
Don't bother asking how I got COD2 animations working as many others have. Short story is, it's a pain to do and there is still problems with them in WaW. I'll be able to fix some of the issues in BO3 and will most likely make a tutorial then when I am happier with the results.
1505 days ago
How was my response in any way hostile? Or were you just offended by my use of the F-word? ???
The hostility part wasn't meant for you. If anything you're way better than last time I was active here and I no longer dislike you. I find some conversations you have on other sites with your stalkers to be entertaining to read. I was mainly referring to smasher. I brought up a point for nothing more than discussion by those who care. If he doesn't care, then there was no sense in his negative response.

Back on topic. Activision may not care, but I know there are some people out there that put way more time and effort into their maps/mods for no money at all that are way more deserving of the money. Even that sometimes rude guy that made that oil rig map that looks cool but I'm too busy to play so I haven't played it yet.
They tend to be like that when you question the legitimacy of them selling (beta/early access) maps.
I don't care if you give people beta or early access for donating, well as long as you don't keep it in beta for say a year to milk it. All people who have donated to me get beta access to my maps alongside my usual beta testers. But being paid to make the maps is what I don't like. This hobby isn't supposed to be done for money. If you want to make money off of it, get good enough to be hired by one of the studios.
1506 days ago


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