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Hi all, I have been learning mapping recently and I've come across a problem.
For some reason, my volume_sun is way too bright, I'm not sure why this is. I did delete some stuff in the beginning but i didnt delete any of the volumes or the sky thingy, just the machines, barriers and th...
279 days ago
Hey guys new to UGX. Literally made an account so I could use this mod.

Just thought I'd leave my thoughts on it and some bugs I've encountered:

Really fun! I like it a lot! Brings new light...
607 days ago
Will this need game_mod? Because it doesn't work on cracked games
 It actually does, you just need to edit BO Mods.bat and change BlackOps.exe to whatever the name is of the cracked client that you are using
701 days ago
Hi all, seeing as we now have BO1 radiant and the potential to do beautiful things with it (Perish)
Seeing as not many people are making use of these tools because of BO4 as well as BO3 mod tools, I have an idea of what to do with them
Of course, I would do this myself if I wasn't ab...
789 days ago
Is there any possibility to combine two mods into one . Eg. Reaper pack mods with another weapon mods. does anyone have suggestion or idea how this can be done. :alone: :'( :alone:
 I've also...
789 days ago

Definitely good, do we know by who and is there a new topic?
This has been the most promising looking mod this year after Perish and I'm glad it hasn't been left to die
796 days ago


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