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Hi all, I have been learning mapping recently and I've come across a problem.
For some reason, my volume_sun is way too bright, I'm not sure why this is. I did delete some stuff in the beginning but i didnt delete any of the volumes or the sky thingy, just the machines, barriers and the platform, and the reflection probe that came with the map.

The problem can be seen here

I do have a reflection probe inside the room, I tried adding one outside but it didn't help.

Any help would be appreciated, as I tried googling but I couldn't really find the exact issue

279 days ago
Hey guys new to UGX. Literally made an account so I could use this mod.

Just thought I'd leave my thoughts on it and some bugs I've encountered:

Really fun! I like it a lot! Brings new light to an almost ten year old game! Nice work!

Bosses are a nice addition but I'd like the ability to not have them. I didn't really like the boss zombies during/after BO2 and still certainly dont.

I'm not huge on the explosive zombies and dogs. I'm not sure if PhD stops this but for what I've seen I don't think it does. It blurs your vision and will probably be the thing that kills you.

On Moon I believe the power sometimes will not have the ability to be turned on? I've played twice now and it hasn't given me the ability to turn it on both runs.

And yeah like you said in your known bugs Co-Op is a real pain to get working. My friend and I have gotten it on Five but we can't seem to get Kino to work. He doesn't have the DLC so we can't try those.

But overall I enjoy it. Thank you for your contribution good sir.
 I've been rekt by the dogs like 5 times now, it really is frustrating especially if you are trying to get the EE done cos every round counts
607 days ago
Will this need game_mod? Because it doesn't work on cracked games
 It actually does, you just need to edit BO Mods.bat and change BlackOps.exe to whatever the name is of the cracked client that you are using
For example, if you are using BgamerT5 you change it to BGT5.exe or whatever its called, I dont remember or if you're using plusmaster you change it to PT5ZM.exe
Here's an example
701 days ago
Hi all, seeing as we now have BO1 radiant and the potential to do beautiful things with it (Perish)
Seeing as not many people are making use of these tools because of BO4 as well as BO3 mod tools, I have an idea of what to do with them
Of course, I would do this myself if I wasn't absolutely inept with mapping, so all I have left is asking xD
I think we should remake the waw map Leviathan
It's a fantastic map that can be so much more in the BO1 engine and seeing as this is already a favourite and one of the first maps you think of when thinking WaW zombies, I'm sure many people will agree with me!
Anyway I'm just putting it out there.

789 days ago
Is there any possibility to combine two mods into one . Eg. Reaper pack mods with another weapon mods. does anyone have suggestion or idea how this can be done. :alone: :'( :alone:
 I've also wanted to do this, eg combining the wds weapon mod with the mod that allows for the moon EE to be done solo
I don't believe this is possible as there are seperate .ff files that handle each mod and BO1 can't load two at once
You'd have to have a working knowledge of BO1 modding and the source mod files for each mod to combine them
789 days ago

Definitely good, do we know by who and is there a new topic?
This has been the most promising looking mod this year after Perish and I'm glad it hasn't been left to die
796 days ago
Sadly the images are posted in the official Discord... but I can however bring you one peek.

(Image removed from quote.)

Oof, I've been away from zombies for a while so I am having trouble recalling what that gun is but that looks absolutely brilliant!
Is the discord link anywhere around?
801 days ago
Sounds like exactly what I've been looking for in a bo1 weapons mod, can't wait for the first images
908 days ago
I must say, for the first actual custom map, this is even more amazing then I thought it would be. I'm loving the map itself, and I'm nearly finished figuring out the ee

Outstanding job to all involved, I hope this is the start of millions more awesome bo1 maps to come

989 days ago
Bo3 Galil? Super excited for release
1018 days ago
Ooh, this look so damn good, I thought Hitmanvere's Perish would be the only decent new mod for a while but this looks sick. I'm definitely for the idea of expanding it to the other maps, shang and moon for a start would be sick.
Good job on porting the assets, the guns look really good.  :rainbow:
1068 days ago
I think it will run same as stock maps for you then. Map is optimized and all, but if you get those FPS's in stock maps, then don't wonder, if you get same results here

Thanks man, looking forward to it  ;D
1090 days ago
Whenever i go to the .bat file to open bo1, it works perfectly fine, but when i open the mods folder ingame and load furys temple, the game minimises and reappears like it should, but then i get an error:

Could not load default asset "for asset type 'rawfile'.
Tried to load asset 'rumble/pistol_fire

I really want to play furys temple because i heard its great fun by alot of people and it sucks this wont work.

P.S Yes, im using it as administrator.

I had this exact same issue, I solved it by doing 3 things

Reinstalling bo1
Downloading the latest game_mod
And deleting fury's temple and downloading it again

Good luck
1093 days ago
Omg this looks soooo good  :rainbow: the 99.9% is killing me, i just hope i can play this without lag as stock bo1 maps only run at about 25-30fps on my terrible pc  :'( ;D
1093 days ago
Definitely something I'd love to see happen, maybe ask again after the bo1 radiant gets released which should be soon  :nyan:
1093 days ago


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