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Nice to see you help people. And nice to see you back. +1.

Hey Tim!  Thanks  :D  It is good to be back.  Got a little burnt on WaW but this new mod version sparked some new ideas for me.

I might actually forget Zebba Farms and make something much more creepy to match the mood of the mod ;)
1584 days ago
*** EDIT ***

This tutorial is no longer needed as the Standalone mod has been updated to v1.1.1 to address these issues.
1584 days ago
Thanks!  :D
1877 days ago
What is the name of the menu music, please?

Can't remember actually.  Google "Bottle of Rum Pirate Song" should find no prob.
1886 days ago
Great review as always Tom.  Hit the points exactly as they are.
2050 days ago
Thanks again everyone :D
2128 days ago
please aswer!!

The Captain's Curse is basically a trap.  When you buy it will kill all the enemies around you for a short time.  Good to get out of a tight situation or for reviving someone.
2132 days ago
Thanks everyone!  Such a great response.
2136 days ago
noice, looks good, is this like a standard survival map more or less, or something different like some of quizzes maps?

There is an ending.  But you must first earn it.
2137 days ago
Oh well, bottom of the stupidity Pit reached...  :lol:
(Image removed from quote.)


2137 days ago
I will :D Im jumping in with other chat mod. I have seen gameplay already and its epic

Edit: You used ZM installer, needs to be using UGX one

It was the UGX installer,  even had the ugx icon next to the dead_ship.exe
2137 days ago
Im already downloading  :rainbow: Looks epic, man :D

Thanks! Have a good time   :)
2137 days ago
This map can be downloaded from the UGX Map Manager.

Dead Ship






- Quizz Mod - Dead Ship Edition

- Special Minigame designed by Quizz

- Multi Pack a Punch -
This will also refill your current PAP gun ammo

- Buyable Ending - After earning it

- Many custom sounds (Turn everything UP)

- One "Trap" -- Captains Curse

Many thanks to:

Quizz: Quizz mod and hours of transferring and tweaking to make work for Dead Ship. Mini Game.

Nukem: Trapdoor and Menu/Music help

CoDMapper: Map Pieces / Script help

TomBMX: Buried zombie models / All his wonderful tools

YaPhil: Scripts used in the Quizz Mod

Theme: Laggin24x -

Testers: Zebba, YodaJdiMstr, Nukem, Quizz, TomBMX, Vek70r, @Laggin_

2137 days ago
Really great run Mega.  It may not be the record but was still very quick.   :)
2142 days ago
Chaos, you are truly a mapper for the people. I applaud you for being so open to consider what your fans want.

That is why I watch so many random videos of different people playing.  Can get a good idea of what people want or dont want.  Also a better understanding of how people play in general.

Thanks for the notice :D
2354 days ago


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