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Man, how do you have the stamina for a run like that? You must be a machine in bed  ;) Pretty incredible man, hat's off to you good sir.
I know, its insane.
Must be the record for highest legit round in customs without a round skip feature
Fantastic acheivement man :D
Its nice to see someone put so much effort into my map, must mean I designed it well :) And hats off to Harry too for fixing the G spawn and his scripts generally being stable enough to allow a phenomenal run like this, not many maps can handle it
1347 days ago
do u need the mad encampment 2 ???
 :-\ :-\ :-\

What? This is a map for WaW, that has lots of features from Bo3, hence its name.
Bo3 is not needed to play, This is one download that runs on CoD: WaW
1356 days ago
Hi Trainer here.
Sorry for the month delay venom or anyone reading this (Prorevenge)
I've gotten lazy lately and slacked off on different custom maps.
(Content removed from quote.)
its a really terrible vid so id rather pm it to someone XP

Lovely video man, enjoyed watching it :D
1395 days ago
don't know if ur being sarcastic or actually mean it  :troll:

 but I'm bound to reset in that map trying to

No sarcasm intended :)
Its definitely possible to hit Insta rounds
1404 days ago
Insta Kill rounds usually start on Round 208 on WaW, on the maps with Dogs anyway (Since in WaW Dog Rounds Zombies do not gain the x1.1 HP) I'm not sure if the Spider rounds have this effect, but if they do not, Insta Kill Rounds should start on 163, Good luck making it there :D
1404 days ago
(srry that i didnt pm u the first msg)
he got me into custom map highrounds. My main motive before that was to pointwhore like crazy and find the buyable ending til i saw his nacht game... got me thinking that i should attempt custom map high rounds. Moving to the real reason, *COUGH* i plan on beating some of his records seeing that no one even got as far as him(hope hes not reading this)
He must be bored seeing no one breaking his records lately

He took a lot of his YouTube videos down last I checked, not sure if many of them are around.
Most of his runs end with some sort of error or G-Spawn though, more so in the older maps.
One of the only reasons this map runs so smooth (aside from Turned :lol: ) Is harry found a mistake in 3arc code that was pretty much responsible for any WaW G-Spawn, this is one of the few maps to have the fix, hence it running alright to high rounds. The Capped Zombie numbers help too, I did it to make high round runs shorter, not necessarily easier, but quicker
1404 days ago
ProRevenge, do u know a guy named REDRES?

Yeah, ive spoke to him a couple times before, he held the record on my Nacht map as far as I remember, had some cracking high round strategies
1404 days ago
Updated Leaderboards
Sorry for taking so long to update the leaderboard with your round :lol:
Been out drinking with people a lot this weekend so haven't had the time :)
1404 days ago
true, but it was just a suggestion.
nothing too serious.

Yeah I see what you are saying :)
I do have my own map in the early stages of development for BO3, not showing anything off until I have a sizeable amount done
1407 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)

Well my dumb mistake cost me a record, anyway this was my final attempt at beating xTrain and going for 120+, oh well.

Nice game man, you got a great round :)
ill update leaderboard when I get to my laptop later on
1407 days ago
you know, you two could collaborate on it together, since it was your idea originally Pro.

I barely get any time to Map with BO3, Im only home from Uni for a weekend now and then, I would just hold back progress in reality
1407 days ago
how do i find the mod? anyone got a direct link to it?

1412 days ago
Lovely to see this :) I'm sure youll do a fantastic job of it :D
1414 days ago
This is true, is not comparable. There is one with an crazy huge easter egg and the other has none: D

Easter eggs mean nothing to some people (me included)
I couldnt care if a map had a 27 step super EE with a massive reward and endgame, if the gameplay of the map is bad, I wont enjoy it
1415 days ago
Nice video :)
I am fully aware of the Servant's end blast killing the Shrieker, its a loophole in the Servant script, I left it in on purpose however, otherwise there would simply be no way to kill the Shrieker on high rounds, so you used the correct method
1422 days ago


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