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I know I sound retarded but I never really figured this out. The UGX Wiki states I can add more box locations by changing the KVPs on their prefabs but I simply have no clue how to execute this, someone give me a hand!
1294 days ago
Im pretty sure it should be default but i may be wrong

 Yeah you're wrong I think.
1302 days ago
How Can I change the amount of souls that it takes to fill one. I want my soul chest to be 100 souls.
1305 days ago
I know the exact problem and solution to this problem but I'm too lazy to make a post about it. PM and I'll tell you how if these don't work.
1329 days ago
I seem to be the only one getting this problem or I just missed a step. Basically I have my start box in one room and I set up a box1 and box2 in other areas. However those box1 and box2 boxes are broken, a model of the mysterbox sits on the teddy bears and it doesn't ever work in game. Someone give me some help??
1340 days ago
copy it over from the test map
1358 days ago
Anyone know how to add pathing for zombies in an underwater area for a map?

Double Post Merge: October 16, 2016, 12:03:03 am
I found out that it's as simple as adding pathnodes for the entrance to the water area. however I want to make it so the zombies will play the ZnS walking animation underwater... Any ideas?
1361 days ago
Am reinstalling the modtools now, by the way, I learned the hard way that all of you should be making back-ups of your map daily. I will update this post with information on if it worked or not.

Over and out.

Double Post Merge: October 12, 2016, 03:37:44 am
This is rediculous, I spent all day reinstalling everything to make sure it worked, and radiant loads up on an file. I open my backed up map file and I get the same error! I NEED a confirmed fix, my zombie map is so far in progress and it's gotten to the point of no return. Please someone help me!!!!

Btw this Can't be a problem with my map because I can't even load up a test map or the giant.
1366 days ago
I have the same problem, can someone confirm a fix for me???
1367 days ago
I am extremely stressed out about this error and have spent 6 hours trying to completely fix my map. I have completely ported over the testmap skybox and everything (reccommended by Quantum) but I keep getting this error. Please I NEED an answer on this or my week of progress is down the drain!!!!!!!!

Honestly at this point, I'm willing to lend the map file to someone to correct this problem because I am about to #suicide over this bullshit.

What Happens: I load up my map and it works for about 20 seconds then all of the sudden the default texture covers my screen and exits me to the main menu.

I get this error: AIType zm_nuked_basic_01 has no characters specified. There should be at least one associated with an AIType.

I need help now!
1370 days ago
I had the exact same problem. I took many many hours searching and trying many different things. There is one simple fix for it. Your skybox is set up incorrectly. Your skybox has to be 6 separate pieces, one on each side of the map. And the edges of each skybox side have to be perfectly sealed. So what I did to avoid confusion, was I copied the skybox from the default map by making it a prefab. Add the prefab to your map and stamp it. Then move the pieces to fit your map and seal them, and you should be good. Hope this helps!

Thank you so much; this worked! However when I load up my map, My screen goes black and I error out to this.

AIType zm_nuked_basic_01 has no characters specified. There should be at least one associated with an AIType.

1370 days ago
At the moment I am in the process of creating a custom zombies map, I have already put in one hundred hours of work mapping this thing and after four hours of radiant work, all the brushes are invisible on my map. None of my models or entities are invisible, its just the brushes and patches. Please help!
1371 days ago
I want to play Cheese Cube Unlimited with people because I cant beat it alone xD. Someone hmu on steam: XStreak
1947 days ago
I'm currently in the development for a Frankenstein Map that is based on electricity so I wanted to make Weapons that shoot Electricity but dont actually hurt the zombies as much as the Wunderwaffe. I also wanted to add The top of the wunderwaffe to some of the weapons but I dont know how to use Maya. Please help, this is a big step in my map.
1950 days ago


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