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I know I sound retarded but I never really figured this out. The UGX Wiki states I can add more box locations by changing the KVPs on their prefabs but I simply have no clue how to execute this, someone give me a hand!
1373 days ago
Im pretty sure it should be default but i may be wrong

 Yeah you're wrong I think.
1381 days ago
How Can I change the amount of souls that it takes to fill one. I want my soul chest to be 100 souls.
1384 days ago
I know the exact problem and solution to this problem but I'm too lazy to make a post about it. PM and I'll tell you how if these don't work.
1408 days ago
I seem to be the only one getting this problem or I just missed a step. Basically I have my start box in one room and I set up a box1 and box2 in other areas. However those box1 and box2 boxes are broken, a model of the mysterbox sits on the teddy bears and it doesn't ever work in game. Someone...
1419 days ago
copy it over from the test map
1437 days ago


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